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Tap on a furniture and then tap the purple button to steal it! Let's place it in your house! Editing your home! Tap the hammer to start eiting your home! Let's go check it out! Look at all those carrots! Tap on the sickle button to harvest your carrots! Did you know we can tell you when your farm is ready even when you are away? We are truly living in the future! Books to read and adventures await! You should go to Yori's to buy something with all those carrots! Here, I'll send the location to your phone!

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hack Tsuki's Odyssey Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Lord of the Carrots - A young rabbit, named Modo, must race against time to save all rabbitkind from annihilation while resisting the temptation of the One True Carrot. The debut novel of the famous author J.D. Collect items and check in to the game to see Tsuki using them! Some items even unlock special events! Parsnaps capture unique moments in your journey! Collect them all! You should go to teh Town Hall and report the robbery! I'll send the location to your phone!

cheat Step #2: Carrots grow to maturity in 2 hours...Or do they? Soil hydration can speed up carrot growth! Every day, new events happen in the village! You will receive a newspaper about events that happened while you were away. I have something to help you get back on y-your feet! It's called the Punchcard! I've send it to your phone! Look at that, free c-carrots! You get rewards just for logging in every day. Sometimes, you can even get free furniture!

code Step #3:This is a village simulation game! New events happen everyday so be sure to check in to see what Tsuki's been up to! Or even the other villagers! We hope you enjoy the little game we made, please take your time and have fun!

Tsuki's Odyssey Step #4: It is important to note that Tsuki is not your pet, but a free spirit who will move and interact with the world as they please. But if you check in often, you just might catch something new and exciting happening in the town!

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