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Welcome to the Dream World. A journey full of fun and challenges is waiting for you. We have specially prepared an "initial reward" for you in the hope that it will help you adapt to Linker life here smoothly. Protect Reality and return the Dream to the world. Fight. Linker! Oh no! There are monsters on board. Beat them! Dora is very good at single target attacks. Give her orders to defeat the nightmares! Enemies! Be careful, master. Defeat this demon and you will win the battle. Master, you are the operation Leader of our squad, please be in charge! Let's do it together, master! The Partners ready to be deployed are highlighted and awaiting your orders at the Preparation Area! Deploying Partners requires Energy! Using and assigning Energy wisely is the key to victory. Energy will recover over time. Let me fight! Master. Please follow the Tutorial to tap!

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