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Two Weeks in Painland Game story: this story is based on real events, with the purpose of protecting the anonymity of the persons involved, we have changed names, locations, situations and, overall, the story itself and all facts surrounding it.
Left menu - this is the personal section of the game. 1. The lieutenants’ level of unrest. The higher the anger bar, the more danger you will be in. 2. You health status: you can survive with three broken bones, but not four. By using the forward button you can advance time faster if you want to get to a specific event.

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Board - here you will find the apps you will be using during the game. In summary, it is your computer’s screen. Bottom - this is the app bar. You have access to the main tools that will let you accomplish your goals. In other words, they will help you meet the demands of Mr. Gustav. You can also access the time, don’t forget to check it, lest you miss an event (and your physical integrity with it). Now let’s take a look at how to make go faster. Please, touch the following button.

Two Weeks in Painland cheats, hack codes

It seems your hacking software has transcribed a call between Gustav’s lieutenants. It’s time for you to read it to learn things about them and find out when new events will be taking place. Touch the call. To read the entire conversation, touch the dialogue and drag the text up or dow. Once you reach the end, touch the Done button. Now you will access the landlords’ phone cameras. Hopefully, you will capture something interesting. You already know that there is an ongoing event. During this event, the hacked phone will be accessible at various moments.
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You can make time go faster until your software receives the phone signal and you know that you can access its camera. The hacked phone camera is retransmitting now (you can see whose phone it is thanks to the photo). Seize the opportunity to spy on the mobsters, since you don’t know for how long it will be available. Try watching the 3 videos of this event to know more about the background and fastes of the landlords.
You have now seen an event and learned about the personalities of the mobsters. This will come in handy to assign to them the resumes that will arrive to you from people interested in joining the mafia. Assign them wisely to ensure that the mobsters are happy with their new henchmen and don’t need to call Mr.Gustav in disgust.

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