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At the beginning of creation, there was a holy tree growing in a deserted land. Nuwa dispatched foxes to this place to guard the tree. The tree will bear fruit every 500 years. It's rumored that its fruit can make girls charming and grant men the power to dominate this world. Welcome to the world of Qingqiu, this majestic place will become your most romantic memory. I'm cheat-on, the goddess of time. I will guide you to the path of the hero. The green bar on the top left if your health and the yellow bar beneath it is your energy. Remember, you will die if your health is completely depleted. Running out of energy? You can't use skills without energy. In that case, try attacking your enemies. Your energy will recover whenever you attack enemies characters.

Ultimate heroes cheats android, ios hack codes

Ultimate heroes – hack codes
I'll teach you a leader skill that can only be used by the party leader – the effect will persist until the end of the mission. Tap the screen to move to the destination. You can tap a monster to attack it. Tag your party member by tapping the portrait to switch with the hero. User level – player's current level. This determines how many runes you can equip. Stamina energy – used in the story mode. It recharges automatically every 10 minutes or hack cheats code. Gemstone – used to purchase various items from the shop. Gold – used for various purposes such as shop purchase, upgrade gear, and evolve heroes. Menu containing various functions, such as party and guild.

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Ultimate heroes – cheats secret bug  tag skill
The world map – you can explore whenever you like. When you switch characters during battle, tag skills will stack. Make tactical decisions by switching your heroes in battle and stacking tag skills. The tag skills of the same hero cannot be stacked. You need energy to tag another hero. Always try to retain enough energy for tagging. However, a true hero also needs trustworthy companions. Main party – this is where you can manage your party. You can also invite heroes to join your party. Looks like there's an empty slot in your party. Invite a hero to the slot. The leader hero cannot be removed from the party but only replaced. Heroes with buff skills shine in the arena.

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1. lVdFXMcf9W – rune draw tickets
2. IlMZZFGN4z – gold coins
3. FgzI465M62 - package
4. AZVM0Z49kz – gem stone
5. xGu5derTbd – stamina energy
6. OIFjWnXuqC – summon heroes
7. ZH3pirQvO7 – level up
8. 6EZ1kHXso8 - evolve
9. 3TAIwI0rYU - vip
10. F4EPhnUUbf - upgrade

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