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During the battle, tanks will have energy. After the energy is full, tap the tank icon to release unit skills. Normal artillery can hardly damage enemy’s giant tanks. Use bombers to attack targets. Mission accomplished. Headquarters have ordered us to return. Your lieutenant will help you with any work after.
Choose a country to start your battle:
Germany - the technologically superior German armored troops are ahead of all other nations of the era. Though fewer in numbers, they have the heavily enough armored units to complete. The soldiers are all veterans from both the east and the west battle line.
Soviet - whittled down the German forces via their vast territories and mobilization abilities and finally obtained the victory of the war. After the war, tons of fearless soldiers and iron weapons made them nearly invincible.

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USA - great at combined operations, the US has the advanced air force to control the sky. With the powerful homeland supplies, it can stand long battles.
Our base needs resources. We should produce some! Please build some resources constructions. Cheat code purchase guarantees medium experience. Book as well as blue, purple or orange units. Recruit some soldiers and we can start an attack against the enemy. Start a campaign and destroy enemies to get materials needed for rank up and star up.

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General bounty orders: reach required activeness for bounty rewards. More activeness for more rewards. Activeness can be obtained via activeness missions.
Base ranking: rankings are based on played headquarters level. The higher the level is, the better the ranking will be.
Siege rewards: after the first world city occupation, participants will receive diamonds, armament coins, gold, orders, troop supplies and others as rewards. The higher the city level is, the better the rewards will be. Occupy the city for the first time to get abundant rewards.
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Units: tiger I - famous heavy tank, active on the frontline with results nothing can complete with from its powerful firepower and stupendous defensive abilities.
Jagdpanther - using its powerful gun, and high mobility, it is known through out the world as the best tank destroyer in world war II.

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