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Ultra Weapon Girls cheat world: you'll be guided during the test. You have nothing to worry about if you've been working hard. This is the final test that will decide whether you will be enrolled. Here are the girls on your side. All of the girls SP energies are full right now. There are 5 types of skills, single, rectangular, circular, cone - shape and all. Now, let's use moon's skill to attack the enemy. Drag skill icon to specified position and release.

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Field skills on the bottom right cooner are ready. There are 3 types. Each girl skills can charge the ulti skill. Tank girl with strong armor, suitable for front row. new characters are waiting for your summon at supply depot. You can get better characters from elite supply. We just got some rank materials, let's check out rank promotion. Get promoted with a full set of rank materials.

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Ambush - they will get extra stats of 100% EVA and 210% DMG. Hero in ambush status are invincible and can deal more damage. Weapon ammo tech can enhance ATK power and battlefield skill rockets. Fires several missiles. Makings scorched earth out of enemy lines. Reinforce - raises FP of all allies for a short time. maintenance - restores STA for all allies.

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Characters: tornado sniper - deals damage to foes in a line and silences tank (can be put in mid-row, even the tigers cannot match with she). Tiger tanks are the strongest tanks. Divine gospel - heal wounded soldiers, restores STA of all allies.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: remember to use SPs recover over time. Talents with arrow are available for research. We can research on following projects after meeting previous needs. Upgrade field skill to enhance stats as well. Fully upgrade 3 skills to unlock next stage. Challenge token refreshes everyday. Claim rewards when your commander level meets certain requirement.

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