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Our universe has suffered the invasion of the Hyper space demon Etelgar and the dark legion. These enemies from another dimension have been forcibly capturing the space time energy of our universe. Once the space time energy is exhausted, our universe will be destroyed. You have a special time space ability, as a fitness person can use the skills of the universe heroes through time space fragments. Next i will guide you how to control this power.

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The Ultraman Zero data starts loading and the synchronization program starts! Slide the joystick to move along the arrow toward the target. I have chosen a partner for you to fight in the future. They are very powerful fighters that are very trustworthy. As the level of cooperation between you increases, your partners will gain even more power!

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Glen Fire - loves freedom, runs in an infinite universe, and has fighters like the burning magma. The flaming core shines in his chest, and his flames appear when the emotional and physical state is at the highest, or when you really need power assistance.
Ultra Tiga - was a giant who appeared on Earth in the ultra ancient period. He was a member of Darkness. Later, due to the persuasion of the Earth Guard Captain un the ultra ancient period, he gave up the darkness and then gained the power of light. He defeated the other three dark giants who were companions and eventually became the giant of light.

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Nexus - is the gait of light after battle of the liens. THe original figure is the legendary warrior Noa, who degenerated into the original form of the next after sealing the Dark Zagi in the country of light.
Mebius - is a newcomer to the cosmic guard who is sent to the Earth by ultra’s father. The instructor is Taro. He learned a lot from other ultramans during the Earth’s activities and inherited many battle skills of the Ultra warrior.
Cosmos - is a kind and gentle giant. He has two modes. Corona mode represent the sun and luna mode of the moon. He has the best purification ability and has a strong combat power. He is hailed by everyone as the brave of love.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Special rewards will be awarded after the first level clearance.
  • The team can play up to three heroes, and the heroes will gain experience for the battle.
  • Click the achievement button to receive the award.
  • Welcome to the world of Ultraman, you have mastered the combat skills, now you need to strengthen your team and improve your strength.

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  • A hero with more high quality and high star can make your battle smooth.
  • There are a lot of ways to get new heroes in the game, and you can get the top six star hero as soon as you complete the tour of Ultra!
  • There are more heroes who love the showdown, the long-awaited battle of the Galaxy Guild, the war is just around the corner, in the new version of the Legendary Hero!

Ultraman Legend Hero tutorial

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