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In the 15th century, most people thought the earth was flat. A legend spoke of dragons at the far corners of the world that guarded treasures precious beyond imagination. They could breather powerful fire that killed any explorer who dared to venture that far. However, there was one hero who did not believe this legend. His name was Ferdinand Magellan, and he was an explorer from Portugal. He believed east of the Spice islands lay another ocean, and the new continent Columbus discovered could be reached by sailing further east across that ocean. With his adventurous heart and soul, Magellan set off to be the first man to sail around the world.

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Spain - the spanish empire silently accumulated its own strength and waited for the Portuguese empire to make mistakes.
England - Henry vii actively promoted the reformation and invaded France. On the one hand he was threatened by the catholic Church. On the other hand, a large amount of military expenditure was urgently needed. Both internal and external troubles any become the last straw to overwhelm England.
Netherlands - at this time, although the netherlands was still part of the spanish empire, it surged inside and the voice of independence became stronger.
Venice - with the westward movement of trade center, the economy of the republic of Venice has begun to decline. And with the rise and contant invasion of the Ottoman empire, it had to survive in the cracks.
France - was captured in the war with England, leading to domestic panic. Ministers were eagerly seeking all ways to save the king.

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You must enter a building and tap on talk to trigger a quest. The amount of sailors will decide a ship’s speed, voyage range and melee battle power. Melee ship sails directly towards to the enemy ships for boarding battle. Remote ship will shoot by sidetrack when any enemy ship is close. You can tap the auto attack button after learning tech from a labor union to let ships automatically use skills. Tap the speedup cheat code after learning tech from a labor union to accelerates battle speed. Drag a friendly warship to move it. Drag it to an enemy ship to attack. Now, drag any warship to start battle. The glowing Captain skill icon indicates that skill is ready, tap to activate it.
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If you don’t know what to do next, come to the quest interface. Quest descriptions will tell you which city to go to next and what to do there. Intelligence contains information about your reputation, friendship, etc. Discoveries you acquire will show up here. Items whose exploration reports haven’t been turned in are displayed in green. Here you can view strategy guides, look up items and view drop rates.
You can recruit officers in taverns. Officers can reduce disasters at sea and increase ship stats. Crew - here you can see a ship’s officer stats and skills. Battle or long distance voyages will cause an imbalance in sailor distribution. Tap Sailor button to redeploy sailors. You can also manually deploys sailors to distribute your battle power as you see fit.

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Supplies are made up of food and water and determine how many days you can remain at sea. When your supplies run out, sailors will start to die. When ship durability reaches 0, the game is over. When the number of sailors reaches 0, the game os over. The ship will stop when you tap throw Anchor, but other ships will keep moving and time will continue. Tpa on the hull to pause the game. Everything will stop. xvmNVG - supply box
GruNOQ - treasure chest
Kh6l9D - multiplayer
x80VNc - vip status
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