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Undead Nation cheat world: we're going to die if we wander around like this! We have to find a place to settle. There might be zombies inside, stay alert! Please give the battle orders. Every time you deploy a survivor, battle points are consumed, so remember to use the points efficiently! Fill up the remaining battle points. Now sit back and let us take it from here! We will let you know when we need you.

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We finally have a place to settle, i need a shower. But first, we need to clean this place a little. Let's clean out these dirty rooms so we can build facilities. Now that it's clean we can build something! Let's build a diner. The diner is where food is made, more food can be made as the diner levels up. We need a depot to store food if we want to eat fresh food.

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Well done, now we need a place where inhabitants can rest and recruit survivors from. Living room - is where all the refugees come to rest, you might be able to find a strong survivor if you're.Now that we have enough survivors we will need to organize the defense duty roster. As the basecamp develops, more survivors can be deployed. The survivors will defend against enemy intrusion.

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We need to go look for some food. Make a search party and let's move out. You can choose survivors to participate in this battle. However, the unit cost is fixed, so choose your survivors carefully.
We have enough material upgrade headquarters to expand the basecamp. By upgrading headquarters to level 2, you can build the following facilities: operations, infirmary, diner, recycle center. Operations will allow you to acquire or enhance new tactis. The infirmary will allow to produce medicine to heal your survivors.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Hank's shield is actually Doug's car door. Astrid falls over when she hit doors. The recycle center is where materials is made, more materials can be made as the recycle center levels up. Operations is where tactics can be studied and upgraded. Infirmary is where you produce medicine to heal the wounded. Wounds from previous battles do not heal automatically, make sure to heal your survivors for the next battle. Snipe - deals great damage to the enemy with the highest HP. Flashbang - stuns all enemies within range.

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