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Underworld The Shelter cheat world: welcome to your new shelter as a survivor in android game. Here, you can protect residents from radioactivity by constructing different facilities and producing a variety of resources. For now, let us go on an expedition to collect some resources. YOu can proceed with an expedition by selecting an area to explore. Satisfy the conditions to open locked areas and gather a variety of resources.

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Now let us first go on an expedition in the open exploration area. Select a resident for the expedition. The stats of each resident have important effects on exploration. Select a resident to start an expedition. If you have preparation items, you can take them with you on expeditions. Preparation items that you bring with you will be used at the outset of the expedition and can prodive valuable assistance.

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You are finally in the exploration area. This place is contaminated with radioactivity, so your resident will continue to take damage. The area's radioactivity contamination level is displayed below. The resident on the expedition will take damage equal. Before your resident's HP reaches 0, you should return to the entrance here where you started. So now, let us begin the expedition for real.

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Use the controller below the center of the screen to move your character around. Residents that complete an expedition will be waiting for re-entry. You can select the expedition complete notification at the bottom to check on residents that are waiting to get in. List of residents that have returned after completing an expedition - select a resident, check the resources and mutants they obtained then let them in to the shelter.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: your missions have been renewed. It seems you have accomplished some missions on your expedition. Open the mission list to check which ones you accomplished and receive your reward. Now let us give treatment to the mutants you rescued on your expedition. Providing treatment for these mutants can change them back into residents. Select the mutant icon. Oh no! There is no infirmary yet, so treatment is impossible. Let us first build an infirmary.
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Tutorial Underworld The Shelter (wiki): After a set amount of time, the mutant's treatment will be complete and they can be turned into a resident. Each mutant has a contamination level, so the number of times they must undergo treatment can differ. We will spend a cube tp quickly complete treatment. The mutant contaminated with radioactivity has completed treatment and is now a resident again! The treated resident will now be waiting for entrance to the shelter. Let us now go and welcome them to their new home. Good work. This is the end of the tutorial. Continue goind on expeditions to gain more residents, gather resources, and construct new facilities. Build a top notch shelter, purify all the radioactivity aboveground and save the world.
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