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Underworld cheat world: reporting boss, there's a street gang heading to attack us. THe radar has detected that a gang is already at our walls. We sent those punks running but this place is a mess now. Help us rebuild our mansion. First we're gonna need a cash printer, we need cash if we wanna develop this place. Cash is the main resource used for building, after obtaining cash you're able to build. We can't eat cash. We gota build a restaurant to give us food.

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With enough food we can make a strong crew. We still need factories to produces other members. Nice work, now we can receive mission rewards. Before going to the city, we need two restaurants to give us food. There are loads of resources that can be found in the city, let's take a look. Resource tile - we can send a crew to collect it. Now that you're down with collecting resources, you won't have any trouble making us the most badass gang in town.

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Click suggested missions, and you can check your mission objectives. Finishing your missions consistently will allow you to receive an abundance rewards. The nightclub upports your logistics, upgrade it to increase your replenishment rate and action member limit. You can collect multiple resources at one time by swiping the screen. Mansions provide the overview of your gang, upgrade your mansion to unlock new buildings and functions.

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YOur reputation has spread around the city. Several heroes have decided to fight for your cause. Go meet them in your mansion now. It looks like we need to give them some time, let's go and see about our mansion first. Once your mansion reaches level 6 we'll get back to them. Dormitories can train members, upgrade your dormitory to increase your training speed and member limit. The bullet maker produces and stores arms, upgrade your bullet maker to increase your production and storage amount.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: join cartel - allies can help you upgrade buildings and tech. Research cartel tech to increase your power. help the cartle develop to obtain valuable items. Participate in war and attack as a group. The first time you join a cartel, you will get a 200 gold rewards.

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Tutorial Underworld (wiki): you can share your battle report through mail with cartel members. Carry capacity - increases the carry limit of your crew taking actions. Muscle def - increases the defense of all muscles. Muscles can both absorb fire in the front row and can deal a decent amount of damage in the back row. Shake your phone to find a streen gang.

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