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1. Ox0x7Q4yqf - lucky box
2. BuaU1nf5d9 - medals
3. shWIBnwpdl - secret mode
4. wy5ZjA9Yi8 - resources
Hey Boss, you’re finally back! Bonner took advantage of your absence and has occupied our territory. Let’s go to check it out! There’re too may, our brothers in arms can’t hold them for much longer. Call for arms! Let’s go over and take care of them!
Build training camp - is used for training infantry. Upgrade the training camp can increase single training limit. For building need resources (food, stone, iron) or use hack codes - HVE1OcK2IW. Upgrade cheats - hutu09Oqly.
Boss, our brothers in arms have assembled and are now waiting for your command!

Underworld Legends hack

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Taht’s terrific! You scared all of them away so easily! This is the latest development plan for the organization. Please have a look. Build apartment - are residential areas for citizens. Upgrade apartment will increase the population limit. Bar - can recruit all sorts of commanders. Visit the hotel frequently to find out information about legendary commanders and cheat code. Villa - are residential areas for commanders. Upgrade villas can expand commander capacity.

Underworld Legends cheats android, ios hack codes

1. aVmD8muZGF - level up
2. bJt3WIndhR - voucher
3. eaMgahA9Ih - shard
4. pIBt9J4LTx - commander
5. od7gKGjWfD - tokens

Underworld Legends hack month card
Boss, you need a good assistant to help you manage the city, let’s go to the bar to take a chance. Recruit: cash, gold, 5x recruitment. Every 5 recruits ensure a 4-5 star commander.
Louis is especially proficient at leadership. Appoint him as mayor will speed up the development. Appoint a mayor to obtain mayor bonus, resources. Commander attributes: military, politics, intellect, leadership. Click and drag Louis’s avatar to appoint him as mayor.
Underworld Legends wiki
The city wall deploys defense mechanisms, when the city is under attack, the city wall can increase troop’s defense and increase the attack damage.
The cub is a party place for family members. Upgrade the club and increase acceptable family help limit.
The Command center is a place where troops can gather. Here you can set the tactics of the troops and configure defense troops.

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1 bYmjTkadrG upgrade
2 R7uv9cb5DD gem crystal
3 Ryxj11zdlx speed up
4 oa5TEi1Ekh promo code
5 iaP86x7Kp7 gift box
6 PSgTEIsGxO gold coins
7 IN1BSSQt0X month card
8 nTM1XcfE3V premium pack
9 5kpcxxWnQv cash
10 YTPzqrItuU vip ticket
11 LC0hOODU3L commander

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • all sort of technology can be researched in the institute. This will increase the city's overall composite strength.
  • Boost, rapid march - once this plot has been used, this will boost marching speed. 1 point of intellect will boost marching speed by 1%.
  • Use strategies to confuse your enemies, giving you the upper hand on them.

Underworld Legends tips
Hack cheats tutorial Underworld Legends(wiki):
daily material gift pack - with gold worth of material.
Random relocate - relocates your city to a random location on the map.
First aid kit - once used, the injured rate will increase by 20%.
Mobile build team - hires an extra builders team for the current city.
Troop attack boost - increases attack by 100% for 24 hours.
Epic basic material chest - open and obtain 3 levelbasic material and 1 level 3-5 basic material.
City stability - increases the city stability index to 100 immediately, and reduces the panic index to 0.
Underworld Legends tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Underworld Legends: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, speed up.

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