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Free hack Unepic Heroes cheats code list - upgrade, promotion, energy, promo ticket, super cube, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Unepic Heroes cheat world: hi chief, i’m glad you’re finally here. Let me introduce myself. I’m agent cheat-on. Our last chief was a mess! We’ll see if you have what it takes. Let’s begin by creating. With a cube you can start the machine. Cube - creation substance that allow you to create 1 to 3 star heroes. First one is free.

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Attack: touch the unfriendly guy and attack him. Use your fire storm skill to show them who is the boss. Chapters - here you can see your heroes, the enemies and also the possible rewards. Tap and hold any skill button to check its effect. A green arrow over an opponent means that your hero has an advantage over him.

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Skills: Sniper arrow - shoots multiple arrows to the enemy that deals double damage. Inflicts continuous damage for 2 turns with a 25% chance. Shots an arrow increasing your attack with a 15% chance for 1 turn. Energy ball - attacks the enemy with an energy ball and removes all beneficial effects with 20% chance. Nibble - attacks the enemy inflicting continuous damage for the next turn with a 50% chance.

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Hero menu - here you can power up and enhance your skills and tier. Select Thor to power up him. He will appear over the main platform. His current information and the improvement that he will experience will appear in the box at the top. Then select doggy. He will appear over a secondary platform and his power will be transferred to Thor.

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