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You must remember, remember who you are... that is your true self. Lend us your strength in defending this world.... I can't believe you were taken down by a single punch from a goblin...What? You don't remember where you are? But hey, this is your chance to reinvent yourself. You know what, you should join the Master guild just like you always dreamed! Trust me, that's always been your dream. Way to be a cliché, but whatever, i'll explain later. For now, we've gotta fight! Fine, i'll give you a basic rundown. Bottom are abilities you can use in battle. Use them to take out enemies. Enemies are the ugly guys trying to kill you. You understand that much? Okey then. Now, you need ability cost to use abilities. Manage your cost efficiently or you'll probably end up in worse shape than you are now.

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Unison League –  hack codes
Abilities have cooldowns that activate after use. You can't use abilities again until their cooldowns have finished. Cooperation like that is key to victory. On top of that, they're about to use another support ability on you! In unison attacks, be sure to use monsters of the same element as your allies. Doing so will summon great spirits that are super strong. Great spirits can totally turn the tide of a battle, so plan your unison strategies to summon them whenever you can. The master guild a group of adventurers that banded together with the shared goal of defeating monsters and upholding the peace. Everyone in that group that saved your skin earlier were members of the master guild. My name is cheat-on, but everyone calls me hack. I sude o be an adventurer in the master guild. Not to brag, but i'm kind of a big deal around here.

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Unison League –  cheats secret bug
Shared trails can be learned in each class and take effect regardless of the class you select! Aim to learn all of the shared trails for maximum might! Up to 5 players can quest together of the same time! Acquire the help of fromidable friends to help you though the more difficult quests. There are two types of gear: main gear and sub gear. Gear in your main slot is reflected in your appearance. You can learn new abilities from the class screen. From here, you can not only learn new abilities, but you can also change you class. You class can be changed at any time without limitation. Learn new abilities when you have the required proficiency to become a more effective fighter. The ultimate goa; of guild battle is to destroy the crystal being guarded by the opponent guild.

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1. xruQGJXVUy - spawn
2. 5HKUKs6Ntr - gems
3. RV5QUwKc3j - gold
4. 3qZdNod7hF - proficiency
5. zNLmQeYos4 – summon heroes
6. f3d6yp01Hh - gear
7. vAr0RPddS6 – level up
8. j8ZCDbRCSV - vip
9. LjYkj1z68M – coupon ticket

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