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Myself and three knights are off to destroy the dark lord’s tower. The first knight who swore an oath of loyalty to me is an excellent warrior and a negotiator with a silver tongue. Potter the negotiator joined the party. Later on Bennet the miner and oscar the linguist both swore an oath of loyalty to me. Here’s the first dark lord tower. A great force guards it night and day. This is where our journey begins. We must plan carefully to deal with the dark lord’s monsters.

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Open the map to travel. Touch to travel to the next area on the map. To order the knights, use the buttons below. Attack - the swordsmen run to attack in battle mode. Knights charge after running a short distance. The enemy’s archers are ready to fire. Touch the defense button to block the attack. Noe it’s time to pull the swords out again. Swordsmen will attack the enemy in attack mode. Magic arrows have a cool down timer. Press to fire shock arrows. Shock arrows damage and stun enemies for a short period of time.

Unknown Knights cheats, hack codes

The number of magic arrows are limited in each battle, so use them wisely. Giants are slow, take, and give out, a lot of damage. Damage it as much as possible then raise your shield right before it strikes. Top bar - this is the enemy reinforcement timer. When it runs out, more monsters will appear. Kill the giant before the time ends. If the giants proves too difficult for the knights alone, try firing fire arrows to weaken it. When choosing between fire arrows and shock arrows time flows slower.
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The magic fire arrows, light enemies ablaze. Have your archer fire one. Enemies get double damage while on fire. Attack them as much as you can, before the fire burns out. Draw out the swords again. Swordsmen will attack the enemy in attack mode. The enemy is charging towards you? Use the shield to parry a charging attack. Parrying succeeded and enemies are stunned giving us a chance to attack.
The bomber is preparing a bomb. It will glow as it’s thrown. Hit the defense button when the bomb is near to hit it away with your shield. Though the shield is already up, the defense button should be touched again. Knock that bomb away!

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