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Class selection: Enchantress - use a staff to cast magic in explosive bursts that increase in intensity with every attack, laying waste to any enemies who dare approach.
Warlord - don steel gauntlets and use an enormous hammer to land powerful blows on enemies unfortunate enough to be in its path.
Slayer - pair a long, two handed sword with a short, one-handed sword to swiftly identify and exploit enemy weaknesses with deadly accuracy.
Boomblade class - wield a uniquem axe mounted cannon to deliver powerful attacks that blast enemies and leave them dazed if they survive.
Gunslinger - dual wield for precision attacks that deal fatal damage to enemies in stunningly rapid succession.
Knight - pair a sword and shield with skills that grow stronger as the fight wears on to be a devastating force on the battlefield.

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hack V4 android Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):It's the perfect time to learn about skills. Skills are divided into active and passive. Equip the skills you need using the equip/switch button. Use the equip settings button to check which skills you currently have equipped.

cheat Step #2: Skills: Clash of wills - charge forward and confront your opponent with a slash. Attack a single target 1 time. Acquire 50 spirit when the target is hit.
Subtle swordplay - elegantly trust your sword at the enemy's weak points. Attack a single target 3 times. Acquire 45 spirit when the target is hit.
Hexplosion - create combustible energy within an enemy, then detonate it. Has a 35% chance of acquiring focus when the target is hit.
Blizzard - attack enemies with a harsh blizzard. Activates snowstorm when using chain magic.

code Step #3:Enchantresses use radiance to unleash very powerful skills. You build radiance by using magic chain skills. Use radiance to surpass your limits.
Potential - from here, you can unlock your potential and become much stronger. You can use unwanted gear to increase your potential.

V4 android Step #4: Remember: earn more rewards by leveling up through feats. Menu consists: character, imprinting, skills, talents, potential, workshop, soulstones, mounts, pets, companions, production, quests, feats, missions, research, map, abyss, demons, region boss, Lunatra, item sets, friends, guild, trading post, exchange, rank, PvP, check-ins, appearance, community.

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red gem#ZuIfkiYQ7John the Ripper
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imprint stone x10,000#IjKzFyPwoNmap
premium pass#7zWT5ooiTWireshark
soul shard#kR2MrTS24IronWASP
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secret combination#JaPptoCw1Maltego
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  • 1. Beast hack list:

    Automatically use a pet scroll - #NULKH8ZRl
    WHile mounted, automatically use sprint when available - #8uOo8MfFC
    Transform into a demon hunter - #mEOqkAYrh

    receive invites from other parties - #I0KBTSZ6h
    Keep the quest guide open on the right side of the screen - #Eay2f1vFL
    starter pack - #mA2uqJmIr
    starter accessory chest - #uRXRGMMIa
    Evelyn’s gift pack - #vJgQyX9d8
    30 day sub - #mQErnOsin
    demon stone packs - #9LIH0MCqW
    +200% EXP earned, +50% Gold earned - #jmaiV84Cq
    1 monthly subscription chest every day for 30 days - #J7bWpZ0xb
    shining pet egg x10 - #fYGDeICr2
    shining mount summon x10 - #XAq09uHiX
    impressive companion contract x10 - #GkR9lgGwy
    mighty glory gear x 5 (weapon, sub weapon, armor, gloves, shoes) - #43zpawd9d
    mighty glory accessory x4 (necklace x1, belt x1, earrings x2) - #3VekULVw9
    fine mount/pet/companion (battle goat, potato, hunter joy) - #VVLdA2dkC
    weapon/defense gear enhance scroll X15 each - #24ESu439C
    pet scroll x30 - #lhUtgGnT5
    accessory enhance scroll x10 - #719xixGNG
    radiant mount summon x5 bundle - #FlfkgaIsd
    radiant pet egg x5 bundle - #TdS7qwzb8
    Tatapi’s growth chest (I-IV) x5 each - #JlLeuzANZ
    V4 Rings cheat code: glorious recovery ring - #brp8dLebZ
    honored resistance ring - #SFjlhXk09
    sage ring enhance scroll - #zXBCJ2BrM
    trusted defense - #avsHlVeCR
    Demon stone packs: Baktar demon stone pack - #V3PYgX5uY
    Dinuks pack - #CiVRYAVSE
    Ruskal- #40UhCKHbZ
    Products: purifying water - #CniRCrmGn
    blessing potion bundle - #TT2fhNqMB
    gold bundle - #84O1inoMQ
    soul shard bundle - #5Ta1fTxEN
    pet egg - #GrYA8VC57
    imprint stone - #mzErChIXB
    tendency restore scroll - #TWmAJnoS5
    girl’s nightmare recharge ticket - #SC1nLVrNA
    Soulstone: vigor - #nWum9pJSP
    aegis - #PybbGK1D9
    agility - #CRGPc70gq
    strength - #wnrk1iWpV
    focus - #oETTYAXXH
    soul shard - #uhCINqcy9

  • 2. The enchantress uses focus to cast chain magic.
  • 3. Three special events for V$'s grand launch! 1 - grand launch special check-in: receive a rare companion just for checking in! 2 - global coin mission event: complete missions to collect coins that can be exchanged for rewards. 3 - trustworthy guild allies: join, check-in, and donate to a guild for rewards.
  • 4. You’ll get the rare knight’s battle horse mount as a gift! Earn various rewards based on your purchase amount, including a Brellan gear chest.
  • 5. AN owned effect is an effect received when you acquire a companion. You can also see the activities your companions can participate in. When you acquire companions, you can see their personal stories. Not only that, you'll receive additional stats and rewards as well.
  • 6. Beasts of a higher tier are much more powerful than previous tiers. Keep forging!
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