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Welcome to Karass! I’m Cheat-on, the respected Royal Guard. Gildan Princess is now visiting the battlefield under my assistance. Defenders are under attack, go and help them! Basic skill introduction: fearless charge - charge at the enemy. Brave advance - open a shield and speed up. Sword dancer - the third basic attack will be whirl attack. Kill an enemy with a chest, and a treasure will gift you.

Vagary hack

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Card source and pickup: kill a minion with a chest, a card will gift you. No one else can pick it up. Close to the card or wait for 1.5 seconds, then you can get the card. Attribute card can boost attack speed, critical rate, attack power, etc. After you have Zephyr Handguards and open brave advance, then your basic attack can trigger sword dancer.

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Although enemies are outnumbered, they have low hp. Use hammer of Smiting to kill them all. Deck - cards obtained just hack have been saved here. On the left is the card list. Each card has a unique effect. Preset deck - it will decide your card pickup in game. Start - this is a default card deck, and it will decide your card pick up in game.
In the Spiritul islands, some gremlins hold rare cards. You’ve got medal of honor. Sword dancer can summon tornado to launch ranged attack.
Vagary wiki
Ancient creatures: dragon and guardian - two ancient creatures live in the Spiritus Islands. Kill them to get rare cards.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Attribute and gear cards take effect at once after pickup.
  • Playing a skill card at the right moment can change the course of battle.
  • Blazing spirit from fire spirit can consume enemy very well, but please control their positions.
  • At the end of the day, it's the fun that matters, not winning and losing.
  • When the wielder of the spiritus sword is slain, possession transfer to the killer.
  • There are 4 types of cards: ultimate, skill, gear and attribute. You can equip up to 4 skill cards.
  • After Gildan Princess get high light elf, discipline of light will stun enemies in domain of light.
  • In battle, tap skill cards in your queue to swap their order.

Vagary tips
Hack cheats tutorial Vagary(wiki):
Master duelist - increases movement speed and attack speed, grants immunity to slowdown effects.
Verdict - deal more damage to enemy with lower HP.
Heavenly fire - sends 6 fireballs at nearby enemies. Each fireball deals skills damage. When several fireballs hit the same enemy, the second fireball only deals 50% damage, giving priority to enemy hero.
Gear: Medal of honor - sword dancer launches 2 tornadoes, damaging nearby enemies.
Paladin plate - increases shield and converts shield points to HP.
Sword of destiny - fearless charge reduces damage dealt to Roland by enemy heroes.
Zephyr Hanguards - basic attack triggers sword dancer when courage shield is in effect.
Commander’s Cape - basic attack reduces the cooldown of fearless charge.
Vagary tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Vagary: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, skills.

If you discover any bugs or have any suggestions, you can provide feedback using Helpshift which we will carefully consider. Players who discover a major bug or provide important suggestions will receive a reward in their mail.
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