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The Chronosphere shard has fallen into Scylla’s hands. IT is your responsibility as squad leader to secure Midgard’s future. Match 3 pieces of the same color to clear them. Match 4 pieces of the same color to create a bomb. When you tap the bomb, it explodes and destroys all pieces in its range. When matched with another piece, the Bubble will take on the other piece’s color.

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Your hero’s ultimate skill is charged? Tap on their portrait to unleash it. You should retreat for now. There’s no way for you to defeat boss at this point. Make your way back to base. Go to adventure village and start teaching newbies! Please click on the mission guide at the top right to build the fruit buildings. You can only build one type of building at a time. Upgrade the Azure Albatross to unlock more plots and building types.

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Build list: Yggberry tree - provided by Skuld. The jam made from Yggberry grants heroes energy. Jam factory - a building used to create and store jam made from Yggberry. Crystal mine - a precious resource used by the Azure Albatross to travel through space and time. Crystal cash - used to store mystic crystal. Warps space time when a certain amount of mystic crystal is stored.
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Please click on the mission guide and we will add heroes to the whole. Remember, When a monsters’ rage meter is full, the counter will be replaced by a demon icon. This means that it will launch a powerful attack on its next turn! When a character’s portrait lights up, it means their ultimate skill is ready. Match more pieces in a round to deal more damage! When a monster’s counter reaches 1, it will launch an attack on its next turn!

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