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Free hack Valkyrie anatomia cheats code list - keys, evolve, gold, promo ticket, AP (action points), chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Valkyrie anatomia cheat world: comrades, i salute all of your on a battle hard won! After countless sacrifice, we now stand at the gates of glory. We have defeated the darkness at last and won back the peace. That said, we must never forget the lives we have lost along the way. From this day forward, my reign shall shine upon this earth, and every being from the Aesir up above to the Elves below shall sing sweet hymns of peace.

Valkyrie anatomia hack

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First, try tapping Odin’s icon. By tapping the icon, the number of attacks will reduce by 1 and you will perform a normal attack. Each character perform unique attacks, so try your best to match the attack order and timing and connect great combos. Using an attack drains your attack counter. Your attack counter is refreshed every turn. Depending on the way you attack, you get two different kinds of crystals. Attacking an enemy that is knocked down generates gold - gold crystal. Attacking an enemy that is launched generates XP - XP crystals.

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The green gauge on the bottom of the screen is the total HP value for your party. Because the party shares HP it means that when HP reaches 0 your party is wiped out, but on the bright side none of the characters will leave mid fight. This time as a special service just for you. I will heal you during the fight, so please do your best! In the event that you are wiped out, you are able to use 100 gems to revive.

Valkyrie anatomia wiki
By flicking up on the character icon, you will unleash the hidden power of the weapon and perform a skill attack. An action skill is similar to a normal attack in that it will lower your attack gauge, so use it carefully! The number in the lower left corner of the character icon depicts the remaining amount of attacks the character has this turn. Action skills are determined by the characters main weapon. Spirit ball: re;ease the hidden magic from within the weapon. Deals a small amount of physical damage to a single enemy. Reinforce ALL - a mighty stream of power bolsters allies in every way. Slightly improves all abilities of the party and recovers a small amount of HP.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • When attacking the enemy, the indicator on the bottom left increases. We call it the purification gauge. The purification gauge can be charged up to level 4, but when the attacks die down, the gauge that you saved begins declining rapidly, so please keep this in mind.
  • When the purification gauge is charged up to the full amount, each character's individua; purification attack can be performed.
  • You can also tap the icon to use the purify attack with only 1 level of charge. Your purify gauge maxes out at 4, and you get an extra attack per level.
  • After performing the purify attack, the purification gauge will return to 0. Relax, you can still charge it again whenever you want.

Valkyrie anatomia tips
    Tutorial Valkyrie anatomia(wiki) :
  • Flick the character icon upwards to use your set action skill. Using an action skill uses both your attack counter and your action skill stocks.
  • Tap a destination to set your path and examina the AP cost. Tap the destination again to move towards it. Revisiting rooms does not cost AP.
  • Depending on your actions within the dungeon, your AP may become minus. When your AP is minus, you become unable to rest and search.
  • Tap the search button to use AP to search the room. YOu can only search once per room.

Valkyrie anatomia tutorial

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  • 4. zTzcMNh6ht7lnbh - promo code
  • 5. H9Irg59E4Ado5nW - keys
  • 6. fM8icY4q0e30bZ2 - gold
  • 7. KpvUx9HlZIyjIQ8 - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. 4Rq0nUmLBbkI9vV - premium pack
  • 9. ofB54e4D3cSJERQ - chest
  • 10. zA2jCVyJkCsuw4b - vip ticket

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