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Hack Valonia & Puzzles: cheat List
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materials - qvIILszVQ
diamonds x3000 - lizoRc6Y0
restore health - 5F5AyYZrM
Month Card x1 code - 8Z8evvZZ6
upgrade cheat - fTl1GrNQw
daily gift bag x10 - FBXHMfKAW
secret combination - 4z7bPLQe4
level up - rQsUxOOXW
forge - kL8AG3YAK
premium magical weapons - CIuBgnWp0
speed up - HkP45JeTr
artifact - w4Q6tUNyE
skins - BnZSeNOh2
special reward - 4NyXmyACt
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Game Story
The Abyss lord is nearby, we need to cut a path out of here quickly! This area has already eroded into the Abyss Lord's domain. We can't replenish our strength here, we have to hurry. This is no good. We'll hold him off, Heloise. You take the hero stone and tell the people of the Divine realm what happened here.
We've gone far enough, we must have lost our pursuers by now. The village has been cleared of all monsters. Let's return to the village. We must purify and take back each area, and eventually we will drive the Abyss Lord out of Valonia.
Valonia & Puzzles Hack Basics
Match 4 tunes to make a more powerful one. Tap to trigger the power rune. Match 5 runes to make a shining crystal. Now destroy the remaining monsters.
We need to collect more iron ore. Tap on open space to build a mine. Mines produce iron ore. We need somewhere to store the iron ore. Tap to build a material station. iron ore can be used to build and upgrade buildings. Tap to build a residence. Residences can house recruits, which can be trained into heroes.
The gate of the twelve castles can summon heroes from the divine realm using the hero stone. They can assist you in battle. After defeating the enemy, don’t forget to colect the spoils of war and more recruits. Recruits cna be trained to become heroes.
Hint & Tips
1. Primacy construction - the most primitive construction machine, there is a low probability of a 5 star hero.
2. Skipping the wait time usually requires diamonds, but it's free at the start of the game or when use hack tools menu, cheat code.
3. The number next to the enemy's HP bar indicates the time until they next attack.
4. Elements affect the amount of damage you do. Use the green element to attack the red enemy, and the attack will do only half the damage. Blue to attack the red - will do double damage. you can view this information at any time in the upper left corner of the screen.
5. When a hero's magic bar is full, you can use their special ability.
6. We should also not forget the construction of the castle. A stable base is the key to victory.
7. Upgrade the Axis core to increase your territory and unlock further building slots.
8. We need to make an alchemy association to make combat supplies.
Each hero has a different special ability. A hero's ability improves as they level up. The hero will gain experience from the instructor, and they will be removed from the hero list. When a hero reaches maximum level, he can be promoted. Promoting a hero requires promotion mateirals. These materials can be obtained in battle. Common heroes only require promoting once, uncommon and rare heroes require promoting multiple times.
When an elite monster or titan's magic bar is full, they can use their own special ability.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date04 October 2020
Last Modified04 October 2020
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