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Free hack Valor Guard Tactics cheats code list - gold, stamina, star up, promo ticket, legendary hero, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Valor Guard Tactics cheat world: after escaping the castle and escorting the prince throughout the night, knight commander Blatea finally arrived at the village...You need to recruit more knoghts. Look around at the knights' inn. There are not only good wine and food, but also rare treasures brought by knights from all over the world.

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Tap battle to start your adventure. Understanding troops match-ups is the key in winning wars. Troops can set march paths and attack targets. Hold and drag your troops to an enemy unit to select it as your attack target.

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Infantries can suppress cavalries! Deploy your infantry at the front of 2 enemy cavalries to suppress them. Tap the blue colored space to move your infantry to the tapped space. Troops march forward and forces aggroon cavalries on both sides. Shining with anger means that you can cast strong ultimate skills! Hold and drag to cast them.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: You can get abundant rewards by completing main quests. Tap the quest window to quickly move to the quest area. Win star rating is determined based on the remaining HP of troops. Spend war spirits and gold to quickly level up heroes.
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Tutorial Valor Guard Tactics(wiki): YOu can control the march path of your troops. You can cast skills when heroes shine. There is a good\bad matchup between heroes based on their divisions. The remaining forces will determine the outcome of your battle! 40% or less remaining will result in 1 star, and 60% remaining will result in 3 stars.
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