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Your character can move left and right on the field. The command box on the bottom left displays your interactive options with the environment around you. The command box on the bottom right displays the inventory. Bio, Codes, and map options. The inventory displays the items your team is carrying. The map displays your current location, destination, and field encounters. The Bio displays your team members’ stats, skills, status, effects, and equipped relics.

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Interaction icons represent a variety of ways you can engage with the environment around you. A red X on the interaction icon means you can neither access the area nor engage with the object. You’ll need to hold the interact button to complete your action with certain objects.
Containers may hold valuable loot. A high sleigh will lead to better chances of finding loot. Chests will be opened by the party member with the higher sleight. Scavengers with low sleight may have difficulty opening chests and will often find less loot.

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The red bar on the character HUD indicates health. If a character’s health drops to 0, he or she will die. Damage to health is usually incurred during combat.
The yellow bar on the character HUD indicate vigor. A character will also die if vigor drops to 0. Damage to vigor is usually incurred through the stress of exploration. You gain flourish points through critical action bonuses and finishing turns during combat. Accumulating enough will activate your flourish.
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Traps are a dangerous feature of icenaire. Your party leader or the entire team could incur damage from an activated trap. Characters with a high awareness will warn your party of imminent dangers and allow you to avoid unexpected casualties from traps. Heroes with low awareness will trigger traps more easily.
Some actions have a probability of failure. When you see green script, it means your attempt was a success. The red script means the action failed and you will incur a penalty. The gray script means you missed and the enemy has evaded your attack. The blue script means you scored a critical! And your action’s effects have been maximized!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • There are three range types for every skills: short-ranged, mid-ranged, and long ranged.
  • Short ranged skills are only available while positioned in the first or second slot and can only target enemies in the first or second slots.
  • Mid ranged skills can be used in any position, but can only target enemies in the first or second slots.
  • Long ranged skills can be used in any position, and can target any enemy position.
  • Choose your target. Your target reticle is visible on the enemy HUD. YOu can also speed up the pace of combat.

Vambrace Cold Soul tips
Hack cheats tutorial Vambrace Cold Soul(wiki):
Battle: you have encountered hostile enemies. Your team is located on the left, and the enemy team is positioned on the right. Each team has four slots rising in value from the center. The teams’ character HUDs have slot icons denoting their space. The bottom bar displays turn order the character HUD slot icons. A higher Awareness gives characters an advantage in initiative. If two characters have the same awareness, the one positioned in front will get initiative.
Normal skills are characters’ default abilities. The flourish is powerful, but needs to be charged by accumulating flourish points. Using guard is a useful way to defend against powerful attacks. You may even get a flourish point.
You cannot use items or change relics during combat. However, you may check the map and Bio for the benefit of planning your next move.
Formation allows you to rearrange your team in the heat of combat. Run away is also a good option for avoiding combat.
Monster types are indicated by the icon beneath their portraits. Some skills amy incur special effects based on these types.
Vambrace Cold Soul tutorial

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You can run while you’re in Dalearch. This is the codex illuminus. It’s separated into two sections: the codes, and journal. Change books to view the journal. It contains details on your current mission and goal. You can choose from completed and working mission sections.
Dalearch’s survivors and sober wraiths conduct trade using a paper currency called hellion. You’ll need to scavenge and sell supplies you’ve found on the field to earn more. Switch between the shop wares and your inventory to buy and sell items. Merchantry represents your ability to negotiate with merchants. More options and rare items will appear in the shop if you have a high merchantry stat.
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Bio: learn more about your team members’ stat, skills, status effects, and equipped relics here. You can choose between the characters in your team. The heart icon indicates health. The flame icon indicates vigor. The sword icon indicates combat and represents the character’s prowess at fighting. The lockpick icon indicates sleight and represents the character’s ability to scavenge.
The stars icon indicates merchantry and represents the hero’s ability to negotiate with merchants. The eye icon indicates awareness and represents the individual’s ability to spot traps. The party’s success is determined by the ally with the highest rating.
Combat skills can be performed while fighting. Normal skills are your character’s default abilities. The flourish skill can only be used once it has been charged with flourish points.
Equipment - you can check the value and benefit of equipping various relics here. Use the formation button to change the arrangement of your team members. YOu may need to dismiss a party member to recruit new comrades. Vambrace Cold Soul Activation code:
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