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Once upon a time, The outskirts of Asgard where have legends about the battle between the dragon and the hero. This is the normal story about unlucky brother and sister who lived near. After a legendary battle, a wounded dragod flew across Asgard with dripped blood...To where brother and sister live. Brother and sister came out for watch quite awesome scene. Think about it. Dragon dripping blood! But unfortunally, that scene has a very expensive admission fee...Dripped dragon blood became blood stone and hit their castle straight! They are exposed to extreme power from blood stone radiate...and passed out. After 100 years passed, They finally opened their eyes...

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hack Vamp Lord Of Blood Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): My lord! "Mr. Noitall" at your service. I will serve you great adventure and make your adventure easier! First, let's check your current stats. Pres the VAMP button below! This screen shows you all stats from equipped items. If you need higher stats to equip items, please upgrade stats at upper. You could use Skill through me, Mr. Noitall. Shall we open the skill window? Press the SKILL button below. Let's get the new skill. Press the skill icon!

cheat Step #2: To use skill you learn, you need to equip the skill. Press the Equip button! Main skills only can equip on M slot. Press the M slot! Next, let's learn about support skills that make main skill stronger! Press the S slot. Support skill make linked Main skill stronger! Beware! If you equip support skills that are not right, it won't give you benefit. The loot that lord get from the adventure will store at your bag! Let's equip the items you got. Press the INVEN button! You don't need a fifthy weapon! Only blood will make you strong! Let's equip the gloves. Press the gloves!

code Step #3:If you extract, you could get various materials. Gamblers want to get these materials. He will exchange this for other items! Don't forget to extract items you won't use! Let's equip the items! Press the equip button! I think now you are fully ready for the adventure! Press the INVEN button or Close button! Oh! shush, I forgot to tell you c astle gate was collapse. Press the red portal! Now press enter and go for your adventure! My lord! I will pray for your adventure!

Vamp Lord Of Blood Step #4: Steel armour I
Epic, Armour, Lv 1
Require Lv 1, STR 12
Defense (+19)
Life (+9)
Defense (+3)
Fire resistance (+6%)
Healing per Second (+1)
STR (+10)
Lightning resistance (+10%)

Coral Necklace
Magic, Amulet, Lv 1
Require Lv 1
All resistance (+12%)
Dark Damage (+1 - +3)
Fire resistance (+8%)

Lesse bleeding (Lv 1)
Blood, Ailment
Support bleed to linked main skill
Req Lv 1, Max Lv 20
Increase rate of bleeding (20.0%) of the linked skill
Increase bleeding damage (Skill damage 5%) of the linked skill.

Gold Ring
Normal, Ring, Lv 1
Require Lv 1
Defense (+18%)

Full metal overshoes I
Rare, Boots, Lv 1
Require Lv 1, STR 8
Defense (+10)
Defense (+4%)
Life (+5)
STR (+8)

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  • When all the slots on the outer rim are lit up, you can tap the Astrolabe again to spin the inner rim. All the rewards from the Astrolabe will be stored on the treasure pile. Tap it, to claim them. The Astrolabe spins automatically even when you are offline. Claim its rewards the next time you log in. Let's accelerate the Astrolabe for 100 spins. Tap again to fast forward and complete the spins. Light up all the icons in the inner rim to fill the Core Energy. The Core is now filled with Energy, let's try to tap it.
  • Each time when the Core is filled with Energy, huge rewards become available for drawing. Spin the Core now and see what you get! Incredible, we received 10 Summon Scrolls! Let's go summon more Heroes at the Summoner Sanctum. Use Hero duplicates for Hero Ascension and Enhancement. Great work, Summoner! You've learned a lot about this world in a short time!
  • Check out your Journal if you do not know what to do next. You can claim a hidden chest after it is completely revealed on the puzzle board.
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