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Vanguard ZERO Game controls: i’m only gonna explain the rules once, so you’d better listen. Our spirits have just been transported to the surface of a planet, similar to Earth, called Cray. These are the residents, or units, on this planet Cray. Call to them and fight. At the beginning of a fight, five cards will be drawn from your deck, and this is your hand. “Lizard runner undeux” is the avatar, or vanguard that my spirit “rides”. Our avatar, Vanguard, is not strong in the beginning. But not to worry, we can “ride” stronger units.

Vanguard ZERO hack

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Your unit can power up by stacking heroes on it. Place a card one grade higher onto your Vanguard. This is called Ride. Except that you can’t attack on your first turn when going first. Let’s ride “little sage marron” available in your hand. Now the ride phase is finished. Tap the cheat code button on the right and the phase will proceed. For this turn, let’s end the main phase and move on the battle phase. Use your character to signal the attack.

Vanguard ZERO cheats, hack codes

It’s not only the vanguard that you ride, that can fight on planet cray. You can summon support units to the battlefield. These are the rear guard. Call refers to summoning an ally, called a rear guard to fight together. You cannot call an ally from your hand whose grade is higher than you vanguard. Let’s use “Nehalen” to... but before that< did you notice that your character’s power has increased? Everytime a hero receives damage, its power will increase during the next attack. The damage shield - the damage of just one “Nehalem” will not be enough to go through. But if we combine the two units, you can increase the power of “Nehalem” by supporting it with “embodiment of armor” in the rear row.
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Grade 1 and below cards have a special ability called Boost. From the back row, they can support their immediate front row units by adding on their attack power. When you Vanguard attacks, you will perform a drive check! Reveal the top card of the deck, and if the revealed card has a trigger, it will activate various effects. Clear quests and up your fighter’s grade. Unlock various features when you increase your fighter’s grade.

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