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This is a story of eleven champions, standing triumphant. Our story, and it all starts with you. YOu’re the owner, and manager, of this soccer club. I’ll go over the basics with you while we go along. You can change the match speed during a match, but for now, let’s leave it as it is. During a match you need to give the players orders on what to do. But everything the players do uses stamina. So keep an eye on the player’s remaining stamina!

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Let’s start by telling the player to dribble. The opponent has come to take the ball! Dribble Thru and get past them! Your player is now in range to shoot. Just in case, lets check your team’s status. Here you can see your team’s stamina, and substitute players. To sub a player drag a player icon to the bench. But the substitution does not occur until the ball goes out. Let’s continue the match without substituting any players.

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Now, lets used a special trick to shoot and score a goal. In an match, you earn fans, gold and experience. You can trade fans for voting tickets for the popularity contest. Use gold profits for building upgrades or in the shop. Experience is needed to level up your players. Use gold for buildings to increase your post-match bonuses. We’ll explain more when you visit the company menu.
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Next is MVP. The most valuable player is the player who contributed most. MVPs get a bigger share of the team’s EXP winnings. Of course the others get EXP too! Be sure to play lots of matches and get lots of EXP for your players.
Every characters has a condition. The lower it gets, the more likely it is they’ll get hurt. You can’t start a match with an injured player on your team. Fortunately, you can heal an injured player.
You got some chocolate and a training panel as a match reward. Shoot training panel - it’s an item you can use to train your players. Chocolate - is an item used to raise your heroes’ trust.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The success of shot and direct shot is determined by shooting stats.
  • There are different types of events, but no matter which you enter you've got nothing to lose...Just rewards to gain!
  • Scouting a player who is already in your roster increases their fame! you can also increase fame through items.
  • Injured heroes cannot take part in matches for the time displayed. Time heals all wounds, but Venus hearts will speed up the process.
  • 5-2-3 is an extremely defensive formation. Performance of all Df players improved. MF and DF's passing and defense up.

Venus Eleven tips
Hack cheats tutorial Venus Eleven(wiki): Let’s talk about training. Tap drills. Do drills with Coach Hina, and the resulting status boost will be double. Give a player chocolate and play matches with them, and their trust will increase!
Each outfit has an associated trust, and raising it will unlock special scenarios. Once a character reaches 500 trust in their venus uniform, they gain the ability to change outfits. Continue earning their trust to strengthen their tricks on the field. Without outfits you cannot unlock a player’s tru end story or tricks.
Venus Eleven tutorial

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Let’s use scout to get a new player. In scout you can get strong players and special uniforms. Before scouting. I will quickly explain ranks to you. The highest ranked players in scout are legend but all players can reach S-venus rank. Scout the same player more than once or gift them presents to raise their fame. If your scout a player your already have that player will receive fame points. The higher the rank of the player scouted, the more fame points you will receive.
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Scouted players must be added to the team in the team menu. Here you can choose the players to put on your team. To choose where to put your players freely, tap “positions”. You can also automatically create a team by tapping one of the auto buttons. You can create multiple teams, so try out the many possibilities.

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Events are only available for a limited time, so be sure to actively participate while you can to get your hands on great rewards.
Clear challenges to receive Venus hearts and items for your team.
If your inbox reaches capacity, older items will be deleted automatically. Be sure to accept your presents.
4-4-2a is the first formation available for use, and the most general. It allows MF players to show their strength. how and where enter
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