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Versus NEXT Fight cheat world: bottom are your special moves. They cost mana. You get 5 mana at the beginning of your turn. Tap smash to increase attacl. Tap attack to finish your turn. Tap block to increase your armor. It will reduce the damage from opponent. Let's do combo - tap unsafe and smash. Your hit will make opponent's armor negative. It will count as additional damage after your next attack.

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Critical hit deals double damage. You get loot boxes by winning battles. YOu've collected enough cards to upgrade a move. Choose the move you want to upgrade. Equip a character with your new move and weapon. having the right equipment can tip the battle your way! You can find any weapon you want in the armory.

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Skills: hidden blade - deals 5% damage of max opponent HP when dodging. Agony - while having 30% or less of your max HP, every hit is critical. Vampirism - successful crit restores 10% from maximum HP. Slime - you will return 25% of the received damage to opponent. Blades - successful hit inflicts bleeding. Opponent loses 7% of his max health points on the same turn. Second sighted - immune to blindness and stunning effects. Mimic - after opponent hits critical on Star Kong, his next attack will be critical too.

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YOu can only use a limited number of consumables in battle. To read a move or consumable's description, tap and hold the icon. Get trophies to reach new leagues and unlock new content. You can get cards from arena battles cases, and also on the black market. COmplete 5 daily missions and get a reward.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: is an addictive turn-based fighting game where you can choose a character and fight other players in real-time battles. You and your opponent take turns to plan your attack or defense by using special moves and consumables.

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Tutorial Versus NEXT Fight (wiki): Pick one of 12 unique characters each with its own unique abilities and over 30 skins. Pick skills that suit you, craft a weapon and enter the battle arena. The more you win, the higher your rank and league. And with new ranks and leagues, you will unlock even more ways to defeat your opponents.

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