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Outlander, here are some useful tips: you can access these tups anytime via options menu. You need to go and scavenge for valuable items. Use the world map to enter an encounter, but be wary of other outlanders. There are some things left by the previous owners. They are in the stash - go check them out. Look for the airdrop and avoid radiation, When you have looted the airdrop, other hero can regularly see your position. You can use cheat code, hack tools. You can deconstruct items into materials which are used for crafting and shelter repairs. If you die, you will lose your equipment. Leave the encounter when you have had enough to save your loot. A self sufficient survivor is a happy survivor. Upgrade your shelter, make improvements and reap the benefits.

Vigor cheats, hack codes

1. S + Ao49ZdLW - special issue crate
2. V + qjbUqHdj - premium battle pass
3. Enter Q + g7L55a55 - materials
4. W + Pass Bhywg6FW - food
5. S + 5bRKyjFU - crows
6. Enter d + kKAqnrIZ - iron resource
7. s + C5kzC4kk - stamina
8. W + LtTQ2SQg - vip weapon
9. Q + PTQEDJGB - equipments
10. q + 23Rg7yDO - daily gift
11. s + zjeBmUMW - secret combiantion

Vigor controls: shootout - fast paced combat for outlanders looking for a thrill. Become the ultimate hunter. Scour the map for better weapons and take down the other people. Everybody wins, achieve the highest score to maximize the rewards. Don't worry about dying and losing your loadout. The match continues until the time expires.
Elimination - two teams fight it out in this tactical round based game mode. Work together to eliminate the enemy team. Outlanders are assigned a random loadaout at the start of each round. The first team to reach the score limit wins the match.

Hack Vigor basics: crafting table - unlocks ability to craft weapons and consumables using plans. Check the unlocked weapons and consumables in equip screen. Water distillation - reduces crafting time of consumables. Wood log - produces materials. Collect your wood regularly, or use cheat code, hack tools. Located next to the shelter. Generates 24 materials per hour.
Special issue crate - you will get 3 items from the list below. When you obtain all items, a new batch will appear. Need more stamina in encounters? Destroy items and weapons for your backpack.

Vigor gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. The radiation wave will come in the area from the direction displayed in your map.
  • 2. When the airdrop lands, it is displayed in your map and compass as a red box.
  • 3. Loot is found in some furniture, cars, and highlighted objects, or use cheat code.
  • 4. An approximate location of the airdrop landing zone is displayed in your map as a red circle.
  • 5. The player who is carrying the airdrop is regularly displayed in your map and compass as a yellow box.
  • 6. When you are inside the radiation, the sound indication changes, your view blurs, and your maximum health is decreasing.
Vigor Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
1. 8gLVDorMCZUvv5H
2. BGAf3YL2fpzFwLH
3. FPrE7twryLddqwI
4. CZegYj2DGoydxEe
5. Yt00RcWP4DCAmVr

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