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Cheat Viking Lumberjack hack android, ios code

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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Viking Lumberjack Cheats
unlimited minutes - #IDCzVVKxD
5000 coins - #LP5OrWcX5
diable ads - #Jyig8k54l
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super value - #3JkZczO53
unlock characters - #Oo2g2PXA3
1 Month Card code - #ALbg86g6D
upgrade cheat - #jb6GqxTmQ
50000 experience - #Q81mBv9EP
double points - #uVJQaZRSX
secret combination - #eJoTlf4iW
level up - #cX7Yhg8WH
5000 extra points - #kaPKVFjQd
booster - #fiaZZCloj
special reward - #ZoCzrdKEj
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Information for the first stage: experience points - they can be obtained in the village. Coins - you will receive them in the game, and you can buy them in the store in the settings. A playing field - at one level there may be several sides of the card. Level 1-9 is stage 1, them stage 2 and the 3rd part (the most difficult) This information is always available in the settings menu.
Hero selection menu
This is you character, he is first level. While you can't improve it. You can improve the hero starting from level 10 of the game (stage 2). New heroes can be obtained by improving houses and gardens in the village. The more experience points, the more heroes will be open.
Viking Lumberjack Viking village
"+" - this is an affordable place to build a house. Build houses and gardens. Improve them and get experience. The more experience, the more places for construction will open. Locked place to build a house - places become available with increasing experience. Houses bring coins every 5 hours. The higher the level of the house and the garden, the greater the income.
Patch Version
Viking Lumberjack Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date05 September 2020
Last Modified05 September 2020
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