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Free hack Village World cheats code list - epic skins, materials, gold coins, promo ticket, tokens, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Village World cheat world: welcome to Cozy Cove! We’ve been expecting you! We’ll need to fill out some forms so we can get your ID sorted out. You should go speak to realtor rich in cozy corner, just up the path. He’ll help you build your house. Tap on the ground to move to that location. Follow the arrow, it leads you to your next objective.

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So about house - you’ll need to craft a beginner axe first. Gather 3 logs from the piles. Tap on an object to interact with it. Now that you have axe, head over to old Oaks and chop 15 Oak logs for your home. Come back when you have everything. Tap and hold on your character to access the menu then swipe right to access your inventory.

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Ok, i’ll get started on your house right away! This’ll take a while to finish up. Why don’t you head back to Corner? I heard crafter Cora needs help with something. Help and you can have special Hat token that you can trade for a hat from the shopkeeper Kim!
Player level - your skill levels can only go up as high as your current player level! Do more quests and job requests to increase your player level!

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The citizens of Cozy corner have prepared a housewarming gift for you! It’s still in the mail, however, so keep an eye out for a delivery tomorrow! House looks a bit simple for now, but it’ll be nice and cozy once you add some Furniture. You should craft some so it won’t look so bare.
Skill levele - level up your skills to equip higher level tools! Better tools have better performance.

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