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Welcome Conservator, thank you for offering to help with this important task! You have been provided with one or more animatroids to care for. YOur primary goal is to protect these animatroids so they can safely live and reproduce and hopefully evolve into new species. Before we begin, take a second to observe your surroundings and the tools you have available. You can pause the game at any time by pressing the pause button in your toolbar. You can also re-read these notes in your notepad by pressing the notepad button in the toolbar.

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Stretch your legs and try walking around a bit. YOu will be running around this island a lot, so get that blood flowing! Be careful though, there are some haywire crazies prowling around that you should steer clear of for now. Swipe in the direction you want to move. Or you could select the jogger tool in your onventory and then tap on any location to jog over to it. Push your hero carrier so that it’s close to water and fungols. Be careful! Don’t push it over fungols, you’ll crush them! Select the hand tool in your inventory, then tap on the carrier to highlight it, and walk into the carrier to push it. Great! Now you have a new unti to take care of. You will have to make sure it has access to plenty of food and water.

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Harvest some fungols: the animatroids that you are taking care of eat fungols as their primary source of food, and some of those units will need a lot of food. Select the hand tool in your inventory and then tap once on a fungol to highlight it, then tap on the fungol a second time to walk over and pick it. We can use those samples you just picked to propagate more fungols. Plant some fungols near your hero. You’ll need to spread the fungols around. SOme will do better near water, while others will prefer a drier environment. Fungols will do best on the same type of terrain that you harvested them from. Select any collection in your inventory and then tap on any empty location.
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Let’s start crafting: you can craft many useful items to help you on this island. Most items need plenty of raw materials from fungols and soil. Getting fungols is easy, you can just pick some with your hands. Getting enough soil requires a shovel. Next we’ll craft some fiberoyd that can be used to make a small shovel. Press the wrench button in the toolbar to open the craft window. Long press an item to show a tool tip with more info.
Craft some fiberoyd boards - can be used as ingredients for other items. They can also be placed on the ground to build fences. You’ll have to make two boards for a small shovel. Drug some fungols from your inventory into the first and second slots at the bottom of the craft window. You can split a collection in half by suing a double tap and drag gesture (quickly tap and release and then tap and drag). When you have enough ingredients you can press the arrow button to craft your fiberoyd.

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