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Hello fellow gamer. With this short tutorials we want to give you all necessary information ot understand and play this digital adaption of Viticulture. In this game you take over the role of the winegrower that wants to lead his winery to success and even emerge as the first out of his competitors. To do so you will need to reach the highest score in the turn/year in which one of the players gained 20 victory points. The most efficient way to collect victory points is to fill wine orders and make use of certain visitors.

Viticulture cheats, hack codes

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7. Y4uGz8H7 - campaign mode
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9. purURoSm - build a structure
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Control info Viticulture: every player starts with at least 2 normal workers and one grande worker, at least 2 lira, and 3 hand cards. Your winery has three fields, and the smallest cellar. On the fields you can plant vines, then you can harvest the grapes. ANd after that make out of the grapes. The wine can age and you can use it to fill wine order cards which will grant you lira and victory points (or use cheats codes). As mentioned before the visitors will help you to earn lira, victory points, to fulfill a task more efficiently.

Basics Viticulture cheats code list:
each turn of the game describes one year and the year is made up by its four seasons. During spring time we determine the order of the players. In the summer you can allocate your workers to do summer tasks. In the autumn new visitors will be distributed. During winter you can allocate your workers to do winter tasks. In the end of the year your wine will age and the workers will return in order to start the new year. Starting a game will show you the Mamas & Papas first.

Hack Mode Viticulture: in the normal mode you will be asked to choose one of the 2 Papa choices to start the game with. It is your choice to select which starting resources you will start with. There is also an optional Mama & Papa rule called “advanced” in which you can choose between 2 mamas and 2 papas.
In spring, the start player (with the golden grapes under their avatar) will begin by choosing a position on the wake up board. Besides the first slot, which grants you being first to start into summer, there are 6 additional slots each granting you the displayed bonus. Picking a later slot gives you a better bonus but makes you go later in turn order.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Entering the summer season the players allocate one of their workers in the order that was determind in the wake up board. This procedure repeats until all workers are allocated or all players have passed.
  • 2. Each action has limited slots for workers. In a 2 player game we have 1 slot. In a 3-4 player game we have a 2nd slot that also holds a bonus and in a 5-6 player game a third slot is available. If all slots are occupied only your “grande worker” will allow you to still take a fully blocked action!
  • 3. Using: draw a vine card - allows you to draw a vine card. Play a summer visitor card - allows you to play a summer visitor card. Sell action - allows you to sell grapes or sell and buy a field. Plant action - allows you to plant a vine card. Build action - allows you to build a structure. Cheats codes - give bonus.
  • 4. Keep in mind that planting a vine card has certain restrictions. Each of your fields can only hold a certain value of the combined vines you plant. See the values on the fields and on the vine cards. Most vine cards show one or two required structures that have to be built prior to planting. You can build them with the build action or by choosing them on your papa card at the start of the game. You can also see a description of the structures in your personal plan which you can open using the indicated button.
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