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A demonic dragon descends to the world of Sera! The human princess is now in danger and seeking help! Warrior of justice, heed the call and uphold justice! Complete the mission and eradicate the evil. Eventually you will bring new balance to the world.
Control basics: double tap to move - sprint. By casting sprint, you can cancel releasing active skills, and your hero will become invincible and teleport to another place! The effects of sprint vary from hero to hero.

Vivian&Knight hack

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Stamina is required for your hero to sprint. When out of stamina, the hero can no longer sprint! Your hero’s maximum stamina increases by 1 for every 8 levels increased, and he recovers 1 stamina per 5 seconds. This recovery ability will improve as the hero levels up! Use stamina wisely or use cheat code.
After switching weapons, your hero will change into another class, and become invincible for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, all debuffs inflicted on him will be removed! When switching weapons, the hero causes massive damage and gains many different buffs! Therefore, switching weapons is a tactic!

Vivian&Knight cheats, hack codes

Characters: Kamer (swordsman) - is an outstanding sword Envoy who has received training from the Predecessor swordmaster, and he has strong resistance capability. Claymore is an extremely balanced hero. Not only does he has high HP but also high defense and high chance to stiffen. All that enables him to fight enemies head-on!
Gelons (gunner) - is a master of marksmanship. He has an extremely long attack range and can cause explosion when enemies approach. Gunner is a hit-and-run class. All his skills are ranged skill. If he keeps away from enemies and uses his auto turrets as often as possible, he can win battles very easily.
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Ella (mage) - is the new supreme mage from another continent. As a master of elements, she has a lot of control and output skills. When performing normal attacks, mage can teleport to another place. SHe has a strong ability of dodging enemy attacks and has many control skills, such as freeze, force repulsion, and etc.
Lotta (blade of doom) - the mysterious blade of doom, is known as the shadow of the undead. He is a silent, deadly killer and an enemy of the Holy Cathedral! He has a unique “charge” skill, and he can connect any skill flexibly with normal attacks, in other words, his skills have almost no cooldown.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
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Tap the area of the red dot on the left to enter every hero’s exclusive mural room, and check the hidden collections obtained from stages for hidden stories. For a player who is good at collecting and exploring, this is an indispensable place.
Whitecliff library code - you can obtain achievement rewards, unlock albums, obtain Sera’s spirits, buy gift chests and unlock unknown stories.
battle interface - you can start you challenge. At the upper right corner, you can select difficulties, which will be gradually unlocked as you progress and level up. vZKiMF - supply box
xS4n7F - treasure chest
sTM6ZR - multiplayer
5QqHTa - vip status
uT9Isa - star tokens
Hack wVa4DS - artifacts
Cheat Y0sQB2 - evade
uR8ZQg - elite ticket
v3XHBZ - exchange cheat code

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