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Oh man. I’m starving. Gonna die here if i don’t find any more food. An ordinary zombie, they’re everywhere now. Use axe - can inflict high melee damage on a single enemy. Select a party member to move or attack. Party members who are caught will struggle, and are unable to move. The zombie that grabs them will attack on its next turn. A party member can only struggle against 1 zombie at any given time. If a member is struggling, other zombies can attack them immediately.

Wanna Survive hack

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Difficulty: Intense - choose this if you’re playing for the first time and enjoy a good challenge. Chill - Lowered difficulty and increased food. Choose this if you want to kick back and relax.
Ranged party members who are struggling are not only unable to move, but are also unable to attack. Push a party member away to save them. Every unit of food restores 1 HP. Going hungry will reduce HP. Party members with 1 HP left will be starved if they are left hungry. Going hungry again after they are starved will lead to death.

Wanna Survive cheats, hack codes

Death is permanent. Party members who die cannot be revived, and having less members will increase the difficulty of later stages.
Select character to chat with them. A warning sign will appear above a party member if they are within any zombie’s attack range. Be aware of everyone’s position, and try to stay out of attack range.
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Handgun - can inflict ranged damage on a single enemy. Hand radio - a radio that’s run out of batteries. It’s in good shape, and clearly important to its owner. But a radio without power is nothing but a block of metal. Stick - can inflict low melee damage on a single enemy in all directions. Fist - can knockback and inflict melee damage on a single enemy. A decomposing zombie - having less flesh to weigh them down allows them to move faster, but also makes them more fragile.

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