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1. bALQmICtzQ - level up 2. GWhEFFHg0T - scrolls 3. 1yqHxltJCr - 999 troops 4. E23AUoqrKF - multiplayer 5. CmG2YKdfRW - upgrade My Lord, from this day forward, this city is yours. Let me show you a bit about city management. To recruit troops for your great city, please build some barracks. Barracks - a place to train troops. Upgrade to unlock more unit types and increase recruitment speed.
Food is an important resource for city development. Build a farm to start producing more food. Upgrade to increase production output and capacity.

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Your castle is your most important building,and upgrading it is your most important tasks. The hospital is an essential building for healing your wounded troops. Upgrade to raise the maximum wounded limit and healing speed.
There are lots of resource gathering points outside your city! You can send an army to gather them and boost our supplies.

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1. N0VjR5r4Jb - elite teleport 2. 3SpZSlsgxH - recall troops 3. g6hn6rLTE7 - move buildings 4. m8zL4ctkEA - speed up

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As you level up your city, your castle’s outer appearance will also become increasingly spectacular. It’s a good idea to follow recommended quests to build your city. You’ll gain skill points every time you raise your lord level. Skill points can be used here - lords info. Tap different tabs to switch between different development types.
War and Order Chaos wiki
Each type has lots of different skills to learn. You can pick your favorites. Harvest - use to instantly get 6 hours worth of output from all of your resource buildings. Buildings: College - the technology center of your city. Research new technology to become more powerful.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Beat monsters and you may win materials. Beat monsters in your alliance territory for the chance to win gems and items.
  • Lower quality materials can be fused into higher quality materials.
  • To recruit troops faster, build more training grounds.
  • You can send troops to reinforce your allies' castles and help protect their cities.
  • Raising your benefits level increases your daily rewards from your weekly card.

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- Golden hammers: opens additional 1 construction queue(s). Get free golden hammers: use hack cheats codes; invite your friends to join war and order! When your invited friends reach castle level 5, you'll get a free 24-hour golden hammer. Once you successfully invite a certain amount of friends, you'll earn tons of gems and super valuable items. YOur friends invited through facebook must use the link in their facebook must use the link in their facebook to download and enter the game.
Upgrade watchtower to level 2 to access the following effects. Shows the destination of armies marching towards you.

War and Order Chaos tutorial

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Our realm is fractured and battle-torn. Through your strength and courage, you have erected your kingdom in the midst of this chaos. You signify a new beginning, and your name has already begun to spread.
However, i must warm you. My lord, our power is not yet great. We must collect resources and recruit troops before we can begin to build our power. We must also defend ourselves against other ambitious lords and make trustworthy allies. Now, only your wisdom and strategy can guide us to glory!
The flames of war have been burning for centuries. It’s time our kingdom was united once again. I believe with all my heart that you will be the one to unite us, and that is why you have my loyalty!
My Lord, let us battle together, and spread your glory throughout this land!
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