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War Clash cheat world: a whole new gaming experience awaits you. I'm the cheat-on oracle, and i wanted to personally congratulate you for achieving the rank of commander. Follow my lead and you'll be a legendary commander in no time. Looks like there's no time for peaceful training! The beastborn army has reached the gates of Timbermoon, so let's send them home! The enemy units are almost ready. It's time to head back to the base and prepare for battle.

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Expanding your base is easy. Just tap the unit card to build the corresponding building. If you have sufficient silver coins, tap the "auto" button below the card to start building. Gold and nectar make the world go round! You'll use both of them to construct and recruit units. Well done, now recruit your first unit. remember that units will wait in reserve until deployed. The number in the upper left corner of the card shows the number of units that can be deployed.

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The top of the card indicates the how far along the unit's training is. Alright, this is it - we're under attack! Listen closely and we'll get through this safe and sound. Protecting your base is key to victory! Tap unit icon to the battlefield to send the archers into the field. Tap the blue area of the map to destroy the units. Once deployed, combat units will advance and attack automatically. The troops are almost out of sight! Try dragging the map to keep an eye on them as they march.

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archers have encountered outnumbered enemy troops, let's fall back. Bringing units home quickly and safely is simple, thanks to return. Quickly - use return to bring our troops back to base. Return will bring units back to their production buildings, and also grants them some healing over time. Drag to bring soldiers back to the city using recall magic. Enemies are approaching! Time to put hero to good use! But first, let's build a hero altar. Tap the blue area of the map to deploy Avadorn (hero). Heroes accumulate energy during battle.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Release powerful skills manually after your hero charges up. Be sure to watch the minimap in battle. Green units are your allies, while red units are the enemy. If all the units are deployed or if you click on the card again, the deployment will be cancelled.
Commander, let's put some brand new techniques into action! Deploy units in different directions and kill some wild mobs. From the minimap, it's easy to shift your perspective. Scout is an ability that dispels the fog of war for a short time, letting you avoid ambushes and plan your next move.

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Tutorial (wiki): use returning to regroup troops in your base. Kill wild mobs to gain gold and nectar. Crystal stronghold - if you capture it, you'll also be able to deploy units nearby. Units deployed close to our strongholds can march in any direction. Let's deploy units to the yellow area. Units will march according to the area you deploy them in. Upgrade our technology to power up and defeat the enemies. Upgrade buildings to power up their corresponding units.

War Clash hacked Cards refresh at the warlord store regularly. Remember to revisit and claim some decent cards for free. The maps are randomized for each battle. The higher the rank, the more maps can be refreshed. Formations can be edited during the preparation phase. Barracks are automatically included in your formation. Tap "ready" to start the battle, get reward after the battle.

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