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Free hack War Eternal cheats code list - heroes, troops, gold coins, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. War Eternal cheat world: we had been at sea for months, searching for the elixir of life. Suddenly, dark clouds gathered, and calm waters broke into a fit of rage. Exhausted, starving, and weak, we awoke on a foreign beach. Too weak to fight, we had no choice but to surrender. With the other prisoners, we traversed a steep mountain pass. When the clouds parted, we gasped at the sight of something both familiar and amazing.

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As we passed though the gates, we heard whispers from the men watching us. That first night in this strange new world, violent explosions awoke us from our dreams. At the time we did not fully understand. That this was a place of endless violence, with little hope for peace.

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The enemy has adopted the front and tear formation. This means we must start our attack on the enemy’s front formation. Now that the docks are cleared of rebels, we can resupply our positions. We fresh supplies we can break this siege. The victory at the docks was critical, but we need help or we won’t stand a chance. There’ll be no champions within these walls without a place for them to rest their feet. Rebuild the tavern and a garrison will follow.

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When it’s your hero’s turn to attack, they can employ a skill. The embassy is critical to building trust with allies. Before we move on to fight another battle, their is an agreement that you need to sign with a powerful ally. The castle is in flames, the men fearful, you must lead them to victory.

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