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Greetings, General! I will be your guide and help you to be the Head of State. Here's how you build a Farm. Your City will need Food. Build Farms to privide Food for your City. Tap "FREE" to instanly complete your Farm. Do it every time it says, "FREE". Now the best way to increase your Power is to Upgrade your Headquarter whenever possible. You have unused items which would benefit your City. This is the store. Come here to purchase powerful items. Let us open your gift. Tap Quest to get Awards. Go on recommended Quests to procure items for your city. Quests yield generous Awards. Complete Quests ans Collect Awards.

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hack War Games Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Congrats. You've finished basic teaching. You have 24 hours of protection guaranteed by Piece Shield. Just follow Recommended Quests to increase your Power. Build and Upgrade your Oil Wells to increase Oil production and your City's Oil Capacity. Build Oil Wells to provide for your City. Build and Upgrade your Banks to increase Cash production. Multiple Banks can be build to increase overall production. Build Banks to provide Cash for your City.

cheat Step #2: Build and Upgrade your Power Plants to increase production and your City's Electricity Capacity. Build Power Plants to provide Electricity for your City. Upgrade your Training Grounds to train more at once. Build multiple Training Grounds to train more Troops. The Training Grounds allow you to train Troops. Building Queue is full, are you sure you want to speed up the queue and go to the next step? The Research Facility allows you to Research Improvements for your City.

code Step #3:Build and Upgrade your Smelters to increase Iron production and your City's Iron Capacity. The Arsenal enables you to manufacture Gear for your Commander, combine Mods and materials. Activate Advanced Mode Hit Start to begin a Quest. When the timer ends, you may collect the Award.

War Games Step #4: Alliance Quests are limited. Once you start one, just stand by for the timer to finish to claim the Award. Higher-quality Quests yield greater Awards. If Quests are not launched, they will be lost when they refresh. Completed Quests can never be lost. Use Chance for the opportunity to receive higher-quality Quests. Refresh your Alliance Quests for a chance at improving their quality.

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  • Keep your Bridge Defenses maxed to better defend your city. The Bridge provides a strong defense against enemy combatants. Upgrade your Bridge to increase your Bridge's Tarp Capacity.
  • Limited Time State Boost - These boost are rare and will not last long. Seize the opportunity and use them in time! The Head of State Rights - These buffs need be opened by the Head of State. You can get these buffs no matter which State you are in. Training Speed +100%
  • Your city has leveled up to Lv.2, and you got 2 "Beginner Teleport" as a reward. They can help you move your city to anywhere in the world. Go become your friend's or ally's neighbor. When your city is higher than Lv.6, the remaining items will be taken back.
  • You have joined an Alliance and the gold reward has been added to your city. Now You can work with your allies to construct cities, resource help, reinforce, and rally to defeat much more powerful enemies. Go and say hello to your allies in the Alliance channel!
  • You have training grounds, then you can start to train your troops. Keep training them to make yourself powerful. You have the Research Facility, and can start tech research now. Upgrade your tech to effectively boost your Power.
  • Hit Start to begin a Quest. When the timer ends, you may collect the Award. The Daily Streak will be unlocked when you reach VIP Level 7. Complete Alliance Quests to earn Loyalty and Funds for your Alliance.
  • The Radar Station warns you of all incoming deploys targeting your City and your City's encampments. The latest item unlocked. Warns of an incoming Deployment on Cities, Control Points and Resource tiles.
  • Listed below are your rural buildings. These buildings generate valuable resources for your city.
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