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War Legion cheat world: the battle for Sommopolis is about to begin. Please listen carefully! It's been a long time since your last combat. Let's have a quick review. Hero with full rage could release Slay skill. Embattle properly ensure consistency and continuity. Astrology may turn things around in battle! Please treat it cautiously! Astrology can only be released once in a battle.

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You are the new Sovereign of this territoy. My name is cheat-on, specialized in guiding beginners. You are responsible for the safety of everyone from the moment you became a Sovereign. I know you don't understand a single world. Resources are the foundation of territory development. Let's build three resource buildings first. Drag buildings to move, place wherever you like.

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More buildings will be unlocked after unlocking city area. You can start to build a barack if you have a farm. Remember: security is something that you should pay attention to anytime. You can start to train your soldiers if you have a barrack. Great, it still requires a hero to start a battle. Please embattle first, deploy your first hero. Time to go to stage!

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Put the reward you just obtained on hero, it will make her become more powerful. Hero level cannot exceed Sovereign level. Upgrading heroes will increase power, make sure deployed heroes had reached the cap. Attacking troop costs twice energy than castle wall. Defeating NPC troop will receive Merit too.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Build your city with heroes. Gather legendary heroes. Master the secrets of magic. Use hack, cheats code. Slay monsters, make allies. Join challenging guild raids.
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Tutorial War Legion (wiki): unable to launch attack during armistice period. Participants from the occupying alliance will win rich rewards when city is occupied for the first time. The higher level Eyes of insight is, the more scouting troops are dispatchable. Eyes of insight has high level privilege, you will be invisible when you have much higher level.
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