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Free hack War Odyssey cheats code list - silver, skill points, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. War Odyssey cheat world: here is your city, make it grow, build your power. Raise fleets and armies, make allies. Burn your enemies and fight to rule the mighty Ocean. Now, choose your first champion. He will help and guide you: hector, artemis, poseidon. Keep the flame lit and the Gods will ease your growth. The ocean brought us a forgotten chest! The ocean will keep bringing some chest regularly. Collecting several chests in a row will grant you better findings.

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As a king, you need a strong army! Training grounds - train a big army, defeat and crush your enemies. You can shorten construction tasks when they are almost done. Let’s train our troops so we can kick out the intruder. Now it’s time to make your city grow! Rely on the quest bar if you need guidance. Here you manage your quests. Any time you achieve one, you get a reward.

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To increase the production of a specific resource, you can: construct more buildings that produce this resource, upgrade the existing buildings or go to the academy and level up your resource production research. Your city is surrounded by the ocean. All around there are other players’ city, resources islands and fallen heroes.

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Zoom out to see the whole world in one single look. The shards you hacked will fasten the progression of one of your hero.

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