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Free hack War of Shogun cheats code list - grade point, idle heroes, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. War of Shogun cheat world: finally, you are awaken. The demon lord Oda Nobunaga has started the war of apocalypse, and the whole Japan is in grave danger. Please help defeat him, my lord. The other great heroes have gathered here, too. We’re ready to obey your command and defeat the demon lord. We need to prepare for the upcoming threats.

War of Shogun hack

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Though you have prevented the apocalypse this time, the war of apocalypse breaks out at intervals. Only by destroying Oda Nobunaga can we rescue Japan from its doomed fate once for all. TO destroy the demon lord, you must become the Shorgunate of the Sengoku period. Now, let’s recruit more heroes and challenge the other candidates in ranked match.

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Join in the battlefield, defeat all the other competitors and unify Japan within the time limit. Whenever you win a ranked match, your grade will promote. After reaching the highest grade, you’ll become the Shogun, the most powerful governor in this game.
We have entered a ranked match, and Nagoya is your main city. Kiyosu is the first city that connects to your main city. Okazaki - this is the second one. You’ll win the game after capturing these two cities.

War of Shogun wiki
Drag your heroes onto the battleground to send them into battle. Your army can only march along the routes. The march may take some time. Our main force has captured Kiyosu castle. Send them back to Nagoya castle before assigning them for Okazaki castle. The icon on captured city indicates there are 3 heroes garrisoning here. They’ll fight against the invaders. Order all the heroes in Kiyosu castle to return to your main city, making them idle.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • If you win a ranked match, your level will raise and your grade will promote. Moreover, you'll get splendid equipment. Gear greatly increases our heroes' stats.
  • We can get new gear from ranked matches! Don't forget to collect it.
  • Complete the guidance, and you'll become the Shogun in no time!
  • After you win a ranked match or promote to a higher grade, more powerful heroes will come to you. By defeating enemies and capturing cities in ranked matches, you'll gain a huge amount of fame.

War of Shogun tips
    Tutorial War of Shogun(wiki) :
  • The target city is too far away from us? Let's use a speed up token hack and do something else.
  • Dear lord, it costs a huge amount of cooper to develop our city. Let's build a market first. We'll need lots of provisions to maintain our army - build a farm. Now that we have enough cooper and provisions - build a barrack.
  • Battle statistics - here is the detailed battle report of the battle. If you're interested, please take a look at it.
  • Don't forget to complete the quests and enhance your power! Please check them every day.
  • Before you attack the city, please make sure you have idle heroes. if you do not, please wait until your heroes become available or call up heroes from other cities.

War of Shogun tutorial

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