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Commander, we’ve passed the toughest time. Now it’s time to reclaim all our lands and conquer all cities. The nearby cities are occupied by the enemy. The staff advise that you should first reclaim Brest Fortress and then take Warsaw before you prepare your assault on Berlin. Inform all combat units: the objective is to capture brest fortress.

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To avoid organized defense, the staff has provided us with tactical order - Blitzkrieg, which can be used to reduce the marching time. We must reach Brest as soon as possible. Our forces still need some time to march after speeding up. During the march, let’s focus on city construction. Build 4 steel plants in Minsk first. Steel plants can increase the city’s steel production speed. The rally and march of our forces cost certain amounts of steel.

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Next, build 3 banks. Banks can increase the city’s gold production speed. The construction and upgrade of buildings cost gold. Finally, build 3 refinery - can increase the city’s Oil production speed. Our forces’ march and scout require large amounts of oil. After the construction, upgrade buildings to increase their resource output. Also, upgrade the command center to increase the city’s resource production speed and defense level.
War of Tanks wiki
Commander, we have liberated Brest, but we don’t have enough resources to support our attack on Warsaw, which is more heavily defended than Brest. Minsk has produced enough resources. We can transport them to Brest before moving on to Warsaw.
Well. we have completed several missions. The command center has sent some rewards to use. Tap mission to claim the rewards.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • To improve tanks power, let's go to the shop, which offers different kinds of tank parts and resources.
  • Equipping a tank with guns should be able to improve the tank's performance effectively.
  • One more thing, the shop will offer better items to intimate clients. Do remember to refresh it regularly to find rare items.
  • Enter garage, where you can check all of your tanks, and equip a tank with the new gun.
  • Try make sure every tank you deploy has equipped with gear. Except the main gun, you can also equip armor or recruit crew members to improve the tanks.

War of Tanks tips
Tutorial War of Tanks(wiki):
  • Gears can be enhanced by fusing 2 of the same type in the backpack. The max enhance level cannot exceed your level.
  • Armored tanks have better stats. Check their stats by tapping the information mark.
  • In the garage, you can also activate or enhance your tanks after collecting enough tank parts from mission rewards or the shop.
  • Activated tanks of the same type can also be deployed as combat units in battle to provide further fire support.
  • Units can gain more stat bonus after enhancement. They can also gain additional enhance effects from specific levels.

War of Tanks tutorial

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Units: T-34 “snow leopard”: raid operation - deals 150% cannon damage to 3 random enemy units. Makes the target unable to restore supplies for 2 rounds.
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