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War Paradise Lost Z Empire redeem codes

On a mysterious island, a sudden outbreak has infected 80% of the population. There is confirmation that the deadly virus originated from the famous biotech company called “U”.
As the undead became more aggressive, survivors on the island prepared themselves for the brutal fight ahead. Bases were constructed and alliances were formed. However, few were able to survive the ravaging zombies.
Amidst the chaos, an unknown survivor sent an SOS message to the world’s secret government. Alarmed by the situation, the secret government quickly sent its brightest commanders to improve the situation.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Welcome to the island, commander. We’ve heard about your accomplishments. With your help, we’ll be able to survive. The wicked may initiate the next assault anytime. Let’s construct a barracks - train troops and increase training capacity. Hospital - heal wounded troops. Mansion - produces silver until the storage limit is reached. Also increases training speed.
cheat, Step #2: The barracks is now complete. It’s time to train more troops: tier 1 - rookie, bandit, hunter, mortar; tier 2 - fighter, raider, sniper, bombard; tier 3 - warrior, striker, sharpshooter, cannon.
I just checked out stockpile. As i expected, we’re facing a dire shortage of food, iron, stone, oil and silver. These building are vital for resource production.
War Paradise Lost Z Empire code, Step #3: Next, lets do some research on the zombie hunting. It’s time for pay back. Build: research center - research technologies to obtain different boosts and increase your power. Join operation hall - join or initiate a rally. Embassy - allow you and your allies to reinforce each other. Weapons factory - manufacture major’s equipment and fuse materials. Trade station - transport resources to or from allies. Prison - imprison captured heroes.
Step #4: Vip 15 - free speed up for 6m, open all alliance gifts, open 6 daily VIP crates, troop attack +15%, defense +10%, health +10%, march speed +10%, manufacturing +10%, commander EXP boost +50%, resource production (food, stone, oil, iron, silver) +25%.

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