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War & Conquer Game story: it was a war of unprecedented magnitude in human history. Nazi Germany outrageously launched a surprise raid on the allies. The allies accepted battle in haste. It marked the beginning of the war.
Commander, The Germans have crossed through the Ardennes and seized the lowland three countries. Our defense line is breaking. The Allies headquarters has prepared plans for the evacuation of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk to Britain. They have rallied at the harbor, preparing for the evacuation,. However, the enemy troops are pressing tightly behind.

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Controls: use a single tap to drag and move the screen. Use a double tap to rotate and scale the screen. Tap on the small map in the upper right corner of the screen to switch between sandbox mode and combat mode. Our mission is to stall the enemy’s advance and buy more time for the troops to withdraw. The enemy forces have already arrived. Please issue operation orders.
The allied soldiers have successfully escaped across the English channel. The Germans are under attack by the Soviet Union. They have to move their main forces to the Eastern front. We will remain in the enemy occupied area and engage the enemy in Dunkirk.

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Commander, we’ll arrive at the strategic base shortly. You can reorganize troops here, train officers, and arrange defense.
We have arrived in the Cerrod region. The enemy’s main force is heading east, and only a weak force has been left behind to defend. Our mission is to occupy this area and prepare for a counterattack. The flashing location on the map indicates the stage that has been unlocked. Let’s advance towards to objective.
Checkpoints and strongholds: the main campaign of the game consists of numerous levels. The level that is flashing red on the strategic map is the next level that can be played.
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After completing a level, the subsequent level will be automatically unlocked. After completing a certain number of levels, the corresponding stronghold will be occupied.
Basic operations: tap on the unit on the screen or the avatar in the interface to select the unit. Drag the arrow from the selected army on the screen to set a movement path or attack target for the unit. When the path passes through multiple enemies, the troops will attack these enemies in turn.
Every soldiers is precious. We shall incorporate these units to strengthen our forces. Troops: light tank - is the basic assault force, which can effectively attract and protect friendly forces. Infantry - are excellent scouts, they don’t take up supply, and they have a lot of vision.

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