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War Legends Destiny Game game: king Arthur led the battle against Vultican the dark. However, he went missing afterwards, leaving the continent carpeted in the smoke of warfare. No one knows King Arthur is still alive or not. THe archmage Merlin is very sad watching all this happen. But Archmage Merlin is too old to stop the conspiracy and war in person like what he did when he was young. He needs to find a new king. But now, Merlin’s spells seem to help him find a new king! Merlin mounts the Fiery Dragon and soars toward the shining light, it is where the new king will be found! This silhouette is...

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I finally found the chosen one of the prophecy, you’ll ne our new king! The evil dark legion has occupied old city, and they’re coming over! Let’s go and fight the enemies. You can summon heroes in the altar. Upgrading heroes can increase unit attributes. Assailant heroes can be placed only at the front row. We can check the enemy’s formation - then we can arrange our formation accordingly to restrain them. Let’s show the advantage of the knight - assault the rear.

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Bedivere is able to go straight to assault the rear enemy as long as there’s no enemy in the front. We can enter the city now. But before that, on behalf of King Arthur, please allow me to offer the city to you. The city was attacked by the dark legion and needs to be repaired. After recapturing this city, we can learn some skills now. Only heroes with strong skills can help us defeat the dark legion! Learning skills to gain attributes can enhance hero abilities, but it costs some materials.
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Many precious materials can be found in the loot, which can be used to enhance the heroes’ abilities. Lord, completing quests is an effective way to upgrade quickly. Hurry up to complete your quests and upgrade quickly to prepare for war. Food is the basic resource for urban construction so we must build it first. This is an essential step to develop our territory. By the way, remember to receive the corresponding reward for each quest you complete.

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