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The last great war was a terrible struggle that reshaped the world. The God of Destruction unleashed powerful Dark forces bent on plunging the world into chaos. In the end, it was the race of men that drove back the Darkness. Arwyn the hero-king, first ruler and unifier of Men, sacrificed his life to defeat the darkness and unifier of men, sacrificed his life of defeat the darkness and bring an end to the great war. However, peace and prosperity did not return to the land. Fighting broke out once more over the crown of the fallen hero-king. Bonds of fellowship were broken, and swords were drawn on all sides. Even after the crown was lost, none could stem the rising tide of destruction.

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Weary of war, the other races departed. The Elves retreated deep into theforests, the Beastfolk and the halflings scattered far and wide, and the dwarves carved their kingdoms at the roots of mountains. Still, the wars of men raged on, and a powerful force known as the Empire emerged. One by one, the neighboring kingdoms fell under its control. The other realms joined forces to fight the threat, but it was too late. As the empire grew, its greed knew no bounds. Blind to the darkness that lurks in the shadows, the free world is about be caught up in the flames of an even greater war. Who can stop the chaos mounting on the horizon? The world awaits the rise of a new hero..

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Each day, new dungeons and rewards await you inside the fairy realm. Guardians of the Dawn – the legendary heroes of the great war. Now living humble lives as ordinary citizens. Devnia – followers of Nazdan who have allied themselves with the Empire and are searching for the armaments of Sin. Titania – a cold mountain gerion perpetually covered in snow. Inhabited by Humans, dragons, Yetis, and other wild creatures. Golden city – a once thriving trade city that is now under Galleon's thumb. Kassen – the savage homeland of the orcs. Ruled by garred leader of the skystone tribe. Elvens – an elite unit within the knights of elves. Known to be the best of the best.

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