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For post war world supremacy, the alliance and the Axis attacked each other at all cost. The world is shrouded in the smoke, all resources are exhausted and the people is starved. To establish new world order, leaders of each country intrigue against each other. Numerous heroes and careerists begin to step on the stage. War starts, peace vanishes. You stand out from the chaos with remarkable military skills and leadership. Soldiers start to follow your command and hope you can bring the world peace and harmony. After long distance march, your troops station at a small town with crucial transport strategical privilege. You decide to occupy this town for future tactical advance. A great leader brings out an excellent troop with your influence spread, your legend begins. Despite difficulties, you will find a way.

War of Iron and Blood cheats android, ios hack codes

War of Iron and Blood –  hack codes
Firstly, I will teach you how to build a farm. The food that a farm produces is the foundation of a city. A farm is the most fundamental building. With enough food can establish a strong army. The munition factory produces munition for your city and increases munition capacity. Upgrade your munition factory to increase yield and capacity. Just tap the free button to immediately finish your building construction! Every time you see a free button, you can tap it to finish your building construction immediately! Aside from farms, there are other resource buildings to be built gradually. Your hero level up? Now we can distribute his skill points. Hero skills can bring your city and army additional bonus. Hero can gain hero experience from missions and combat and thus level up.

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War of Iron and Blood  –  cheats secret bug
A guard stone has great power. You can set the percentage of potions freely. Attacking the rebels has a chance to obtain materials. Skills provide many bonus for your city, upgrade hero to get more bonus. Barracks are the most important buildings in an army. The barrack allows you to train troops. Occupy the resource site to gain resource. If occupied by other player, you can evict the gathering team by defeating it. The parliament is the center of your city and established your status in the world. The parliament also provides an overview of your city's economy when tapped on. Just follow recommended missions to increase your power. A world of warfare awaits you!

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1. EJKhflSUhY – skill points
2. 8xCdlf39oX – speed up
3. xG7jUaM63t – unlimited resources( food, fuel, iron)
4. 3gTryirDDj – cash money
5. 8YKdHMs4kN - gold
6. Nsr2pe2z4s - munition
7. 8tC87HCIsa - combat
8. oik8lGOZgQ – coupon code

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