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You will be a lord of the Airland and establish your kingdom, recruit legendary heroes, train your troop, siege the city, capture the Pirate, defeat all the enemies who dare to prevent you from dominating the world.
Select your region: west empire - the long running war within the empire has allowed him to practice the unyielding battle and the unshakable soul. Borderland - one of the three wonderlands, the salty sea currents are wrapped in huge ice ridges moving on the nearby sea. Most of the outsiders are not able to survive in the winter.

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indian empire - the emerging empire formed after the peaceful transformation of the tribal alliance has a strong development momentum, and the collision of many ethnic groups has created a splendid civilization.
Arctic - the land of the world lord of the empire is located in the extreme north of heaven and earth. only boundless darkness and endless cold. Humans who have entered this place have long since become the dead bones remain permanently in the ice or sleep at the bottom of the deep sea.
Rossland - one of the three wonderlands, there are rich mineral deposits buried under the ice sheet. In order to complete for the power of crystal, the royal family and the nobility unearthed to excavate and exploit the virgin forest, leaving countless deep pits. Now that the furnace is extinguished and the black has dissipated.

War of Survival cheats, hack codes

In 2019, the polar expedition ship, the Sykeby, lost its connection after issuing the last distress signal. Many countries sent search and rescue teams to search the arctic ocean for many days. However, on the island of the sky of unknown time and space, a new story has begun. Click on chapter quests to see what else you can do. Click on the chapter to receive the reward. Click to open the inventory, which has different part of the equipment.
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As the altar level rises, we can unlock more areas. Let’s board the high platform and dispel the fog. The altar is the core building of the Airland and control other buildings.
Humans are divided into creators and conquerors, conquerors use weapons, and creators use tools, each with its own advantages. Sally - produce more advanced equipment and improve production efficiency.
If we want to survive in this place, we must have the power. See the crystal? Touching the crystal can awaken the instinct of conquest, and you can equip your weapon to fight.

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