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War of the visions FFBE Game controls: tap the green panel and move to the bomb’s rear side. Tap attack and then confirm to launch an attack on the bomb. Your turn will end after performing an action and tapping confirm. You can consume TP and AP to use a variety of abilities. Limit bursts - these are powerful inherent abilities possessed by specific units. Though they are quite formidable skills, they consume large amounts of AP. Height - range and area of effect are restricted by height. Be sure to consider height differences when attacking enemies.

War of the visions FFBE hack

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Tap the magnifying glass to look up an ability’s heigh details. Check when the ability will be cast on the left side of the screen. Check the panels displayed in orange in ability details. Evocation magic - units equipped with espers can use the evocation gauge to perform evocation magic. Everyone fills the gauge by attacking enemies. All party members share a single gauge. Evoke espers with a full gauge. Units equipped with espers can perform evocation magic. Evocation magic bestows not only powerful ability effects but also map effects that are beneficial to allies.

War of the visions FFBE cheats, hack codes

The quickest way to attaining victory in battle is to enhance your fighting power. Summoning a unit or vision card that you already own: convert extra summons into shards and vision spheres that you’ll need to awaken and limit break your units. Story quests - this is the most important mode for progressing through the game. Playing story quests will unlock various other game modes. Companions are essentially mercenaries. You can pay gil to invite another player’s unit to accompany you on your quest. Now our party is in full formation. Shall we set the auto function to “on” and embark? The auto setting can be switched on or off even mid-battle.
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Faith - the amount of magic type damage inflicted and taken, the chance of activating a reaction ability when taking magic damage, and the occurrence rate os status effects are proportionate to a unit’s faith.
When you go up in rank, your NRG will be fully restored, and your maximumNRG and number of friends will increase.
Damage estimates: before attacking an opponent, the estimated damage to that opponent will be displayed. Damage from critical hits or reductions in damage due to opponent reactions are not included in the estimated damage value.
YOu’ll acquire bonus rank EXP & Visiore the first time you clear each quest or use cheat codes. When you receive items such as login bonuses or ranking rewards, you can obtain them from the presents menu. Be sure to check it often. By clearing missions every day, you can more or less play all elements of the game.
The most important points to learn when starting out have been arranged in a bingo-style mission board. You can earn rewards for each mission you clear. You can learn ht basics of battle by questing in the beginner’s hall. Clearing these quests will earn you visiore.

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