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The boundaries of unit’s action area are defined by the green line. Click on the specified hex and confirm your choice to move there. Select the dummy and confirm your choice to attack it. The enemy always has been an opportunity to counterattack. If it is not a dummy, of course.
The results of a throw are compared, The player rolls white dice, the enemy rolls red. The cross means a miss, the skull is one unit damage and morale icon is a successful attack with one damage and one morale point.

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Morale points are required for active abilities and orders. You can receive them by throwing morale icon on dice or using special orders cards and abilities.
Pull out the ability card from your hand to battlefield, choose the dummy and confirm. In this case, the use of this card ends the turn.

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Go to the shooting position. Archers lose one die for every 6 hexes distance to the target. Harquebusiers ignore this penalty. Select target for ranged attack and confirm. The strength of your attack is shown by the number of dice on the target. Note: the archer loses 1 die for each hex moves, while harquebusiers can either move or shoot.
Move 2 hexes back and take a shot. Every obstacle in the path of your shot takes away a die from the attack result. Note: the obstacle icon will appear on every blockage.
You moved, then took a shot at the target, and the spiked barricade got in the way of your shot. The archer must always catch his breath before shooting.
Warbands Bushido wiki
Pull out the ability card “well set shot” from your hand to the battlefield, choose a target and confirm. The unit’s ability cards are always available during its turn.
Archers can’t shoot and receive a penalty in melee that reduces their available attack dice by 2 unless they have special skills or abilities.
Leaving the control zone, each enemy in the adjacent hexes makes an opportunity attack for 1. A surrounded unit receives a penalty of 1, if the enemies stand near him in two opposite hexes.
Unit opposing 3 enemies simultaneously receives “outnumbered” penalty with - 1 to all their dice rolls. Unit can be outnumbered and surrounded at the same time. In this case, the unit receives - 2 penalty to all the dice rolls.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • At the beginning of a battle you can discard any cards back into the deck. Then every new round one card will be randomly drawn from the deck to your hand. The maximum number of order cards in your hand is 4.
  • When the unit receives its second level, it enhances agility, the fourth level adds armor, the sixth level increases its Toughness score. The third and fifth level unlock unique skills and abilities.
  • The modifiers are the result of the unit's skills, the use of order cards, abilities or any other combat situation.
  • The activated order cards will be discarded and won't be returned to the deck. A unit's own ability cards are always available within their turn.
  • Any attack, the use of an active ability or an attacking order card ends the current unit's turn.

Warbands Bushido tips
Hack cheats tutorial Warbands Bushido(wiki):
  • Various abilities will help you avoid being surrounded as well as find a better attack position. Carefully study your units' abilities in order to win.
  • Having received a legendary unit, you will see that the majority of its abilities and skills aren't unlocked yet, and its efficiency is not high.
  • Skills reflect the special characteristics of a warrior, as well as the situations he is especially effective at. They don't require activation.
  • Once in a few rounds, useful items - tokens can be found on the battlefield. To pick one up, stand above it, and once a round is over, a token card will be added to your unit's abilities deck.
    Located in the upper left corner, the timeline shows the sequence in which the units will take action. At first, the unit with the greatest agility takes its actions. Your units are marked with blue background, while the opponent's unites are marked with red.

Warbands Bushido tutorial

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We recommend to start with the tutorial which you’ll find on the Skirmish screen. You can also view help for each screen by pressing the button with a question mark in a top right corner of the screen. To start the tutorial scenario, choose a button with a blue flag in the campaign tab. Complete all 3 tokens of the tutorial.
Warbands Bushido tips to repair
Note: green points on the base of the unit display its basic toughness, while grey points shows its armor, right click (tap and hold) on a unit on the field or on the timeline to get more information.
Every unit has its own characteristics. Toughness does not only represent the quantity of unit’s lives, but also the strength of its attack. If the unit has armor, then it’s the first that is to be removed by damage. Agility determines the initiative and the maximum number of hexes for the movement of a unit.

Warbands Bushido Hack cheat instructions: during the battle, a unit can be affected by various conditions. Statues raise or lower any characteristics of the unit. Positive modifiers are displayed by the green icon, negative are marked by the red icon.
The enemy units have a control zone indicated by swords. Going into it, you will be able to attack an enemy or use code, but moving on it will end your turn. Leaving this zone, you will get a penalty attack with 1 die.
Hack rolling the dice by both sides determine the results of attack and counterattack, then they compare with each other. Unit with the greater cheats and result deals damage equal to the difference between these values,. In case of equal score, a defending player counters attack, and no one gets damage, unless stated otherwise. how and where enter
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