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Warbound Storm Game controls: here we will learn some fundamental techniques for commanding units in battle. Press, hold and drag the screen to move the camera. Next, we need to build a powerful army. Build a light barracks to unlock the light units. Having mu;tiple barracks allows you to train multiple units at the same time. Build another light barracks: allows you to train units simultaneously. Tap the ground to move to the target location.

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Tap on a target to attack it. Open the cards tab to upgrade cards. Unlock and train different types of units by building their required buildings. You can build a barrier at the entrance to your base. Enemy ground units are unable to pass the barrier. The barrier can stop the enemy’s ground units. Enemy turrets spotted. Use the superior range of catapults to neutralize them. Tap the squads icon to select the entire formation.

Warbound Storm cheats, hack codes

Units: Catapult - a unit with a long attack range. Deals damage to enemies within 4 yards of the target location. Deals 150% damage to enemy buildings. Dwarf infantry - melee character. Can be trained at the light barracks. Turrets are effective defensive buildings. Build turrets to defend the crystal mine. Royal knights are heavy units that are unlocked by building the heavy barracks. They can charge and stun enemy targets.
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Card dismantling: dismantle extra cards into card fragments. Card fusing - fuse fragments into a complete card.
Destroying the enemy base is the key to victory! First, we need to quickly build a force to expand and defend in the early stage. Build a light barracks to unlock light units. With heroes under your command, we can explore and scout this unknown battlefield. There are lots of crystal minerals veins all over the mao, and crystals are an important war resource. Securing these veins will increase our crystal collection speed.

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Crystal mines can be built over the blue over the blue ore on the map to mine crystals. Crystal mines can only be built on blue ore within your vision range. Tap or drag the crystal mine to the blue ore to start building. Crystal mines can yield crystals continuously.
The output by each miner is 2 crystals per second. A crystal mine can have up to 5 miners uVoQQn - supply box
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